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Part 6. When God Is Ousted


From God No Longer Welcome

Chapter 33. One Nation Under God

Emancipating from God

God is not welcome in a world dominated by the devil’s vipers.  In Haiti we saw how they arrive and take over.  All of a sudden God is irrelevant or inconvenient.  Life is all about them.  The rights to live and to a livelihood must be earned from them.  Increasingly the vipers reveal themselves as enemies of Jesus Christ.   Interestingly enough they do not insist on doing away with His Church completely. They just want to appropriate and repurpose it.  Just as the foolish and greedy bring to them their nations, culture, lives, for the vipers to appropriate and be the new god in town, they also bring their Church.  With the help of zealous servants, the devil’s vipers have replaced the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Church.  This is probably true of all Christian denominations: Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals…  What could lead people to make an alliance with the enemies of God and use His Church for their own purposes?  The answer is this: the impostors’ lies, promises of riches and being like gods.  People could be more prosperous and join a club to rule the world.  Vipers have been enticing and leading that defection from God.  They are at the forefront of efforts to make a world without God, where they will be the gods while making their servants think they are power-sharing with them.  In the Catholic Church, clergy scandals were deliberately cultivated and spread by the devil’s vipers to undermine the Church and empower the laity.  It is no coincidence that there are Hebrew religions that used to regulate pedophilia and sometimes condone it.  With zealous servants having been empowered, the crime might not have occurred in 100% of the cases.  The scandals might have been used by the laity as leverage, a tool for blackmail. The Church is being emptied of Jesus and of His teachings.  The latter are being made into superficial warped values or into a set of rules to be enforced by the impostors.   Fundamental Christian values are being redefined to replace Catholic doctrine.  Love is about keeping people in their sins.  Mercy is about saying that the real God looks the other way when it comes to sin and so should we.  Conscience replaces God’s commands: to love, serve, and obey Him, to not kill, to be holy like Him, to seek His will and not ours…   Obedience is about surrendering our will to the impostors: the devil, his children, and their servants.  Humility is about being a doormat to them and about going along with being debased by them.  Joy is about pretending to be happy in a world overtaken by evil.   Equality brings all sorts of opportunity to disrupt the work of God.  This idea is being used to promote ambition, permissiveness, as combating sin is abolished.  Freedom is about rebelling from the Church and not so much about having a mind free to think, to be faithful to the true God, to say no to evil.  With these superficial, warped values, doctrine can be rendered powerless to deliver minds from the workings of evil.

If all of this were not bad enough, an evil pharisaic mentality is corrupting Christians.   This is particularly true of the servants of the vipers.  To them Christian values and teachings are only rules to use to show zeal for the vipers while they appoint themselves enforcers or saint makers.  Whichever role they take on, they use these rules as excuses to do evil to other Christians for the vipers.  The saying ‘hear no evil see no evil’ at first might have been divinely inspired wisdom to fight this pharisaism that is a cover for evil.  Vipers tend to distort goodness in this way.  In their zeal pharisaics could besiege an innocent soul looking to find and punish sin, going as far as framing people for sin.  Christians communities in the baal world because of this could become a menace for those not ‘with the program’.  Dissenters become choice candidates for human sacrifices. 

There is also in the Church a ‘return to roots’.  The Church is being uprooted from Jesus to be planted in Israel and given contrived Hebrew roots.  These are only intended to mix-up and confound Christian identity.  Jesus did not hand down to us anything that comes from a Hebrew religion.

The Good Book

Jesus did not find it necessary to hand down His ethnicity to His followers.  In the New Testament ethnicity is overshadowed by Jesus’ mission to tell us about the Father and do His work.  People overlook this and go out of their way to look for Hebrew roots in the Old Testament.  This comes from a mentality of ‘contrajunction’, the combining of opposites, brought to them by the enemies of the Church. That side of the Bible is only useful to remember God’s faithfulness, the fact that He sent a Savior as promised.  Besides that it is only useful to learn from the admonitions the prophets made to a people with a long history of quarrelling with their Maker.  Christianity in its essence is contained in the New Testament, but not for long…  There has been a frenzy of new Bible translations since the sixties, some with non-Christians on the translation teams.  Translations were made from ‘original’ Hebrew sources written a thousand years or more after Jesus or from recent ‘archeological’ discoveries.  The net result is a set of Bibles that remove the prophets’ predictions about the virgin birth of Jesus, tamper with His divinity, mix up God and satan, demote the Mother of God from a virgin full of grace to a highly favored young woman, edit Scripture for WWII, add inconsistency between the Old and New Testaments, add commentaries for the reader to question the reliability of the Bible as the Word of God…  Because of this we might only be one or two generations away from Bibles full of lies that force us to rethink Christianity. 

A social religion

In the new Christian religion the devil’s vipers are the god, so-called ‘social justice’ and environmentalism are the doctrine, and the sacraments are administered through high technology (phone, internet, and social networks).  The devil’s vipers even took down the last bastion of Christian orthodoxy, the Catholic Church, to bring it in line with that program.  They have been descending on the Catholic Church to bring their religion.  Under their ‘leadership’ the Church is getting around to caring for the poor.  This deliberately misrepresents what the Church has done all those millennia with schools, hospitals, hospices, clinics, orphanages, and so on  The Catholic Church now professes this new allegiance through environmentalism.  Nuns no longer teach at Catholic schools but have green initiatives.  The infallible pope entrusted by God with safeguarding the Truth, wrote an official Church document on the environment that talks about the uncertain science of climate change.  As the vipers tamper with the elemental forces of nature they point minds at lies about human activity being the cause.  As they interfere with the development of better biodegradable materials and hamper effective wide-scale recycling programs they brand users of plastic as evil.  As they hold back solar science out of greed and ‘concern for the sun’ they alarm the world about the impact of fossil fuels.

The new social religion proves how bold the devil and his children are in posturing as bearers of light. Evil is oppressing the world and forcing most to give up their connection to the real God, the true Light, and the source of true grace. People do not care enough about fellow human beings to free them from the vipers. In fact they actively promote bondage and generously share chains with the vipers, particularly with the poor who they pretend to help at the shelters, soup kitchens There is a certain amount of cynicism in the ‘social justice’. What justice is there in keeping minds in submission to the impostors? Other than the odd sensationalized story about a poor person winning the lottery or being given a new life, the poor in America are usually kept that way. There are many schemes that do this to them. They just are not allowed to put enough aside to escape their condition unless they surrender their being to the vipers. We should not be fooled about the current propaganda about care for the poor. They will only be helped out of their plight at a high cost. A world without God will not be happier and more prosperous after-all.

Blessed or not are the poor

If God thought the poor were His treasure, and that they would stay with Him in a world dominated by evil, the vipers have arrogantly been showing who the poor could be to Him instead.  Vipers want to use pathetic Haitians to be the most conceited, arrogant, obstinate, wicked, impious, corrupt, crooked, hell-bent poor that God ever met.  You have seen how vipers plant warped ideologies in the minds of the poor for them to justify doing evil to each other or to those better off than they are. They could justify theft, murder, social unrest, duplicity, and other evils. Vipers are probably doing the same with the poor everywhere.  If they are not making conceited demons out of the poor to defy God, they are oppressing the meek poor into submitting to them, or they keep them too locked into social and political struggle to have time for God.

Chapter 34. Civilized People

America is not the only western nation being undone by the devil’s vipers.  What is happening with the Church happens around the world.  Vipers want to empty Christianity of Jesus and of His teachings, leaving only a shell as a vehicle for their own program.  They will not relent on the attacks on doctrine, moral teachings.  They will intensify the ‘return to roots’, the yoking to other religions.  They will continue to undo the Bible.  They will do all of this until they achieve their goal.  But Western Civilization was founded on and made its greatest accomplishments with Christianity.  The undoing of the Church is already having notable consequences. 

Emancipating the western mind from the Church has had an adverse effect on ideologies.  Communism did not hold its promise.  In retrospect, it turned out to be an invention by those looking to topple God and up-turn society to pillage and supplant to their own advantage.  Feminism was not about breaking the glass ceiling after-all.   It brought along abortion rights which were primarily concerned with human sacrifices and with influencing demographics.  Liberation theology brought the Church back into the political realm not to bring back God but to side with and use the poor in economic struggle.  What are the real forces oppressing those being liberated?  Is political action the most productive way to help the poor?  These three ideologies entertained illusions of an equality that is not achievable. 

Emancipation from the Church also diminished the ability to keep a firm grasp on the truth in intellectual endeavors. If the devil’s vipers brag about having made us believe that we are descended from the ape then Evolution theory must have been a scam meant to remove God from the role of Creator.   Gender theory takes lies to a new level by decoupling observable gender from gender identity.  Who you truly are and feel that you are, male or female, might not necessarily match your gender at birth.  If Gender theory does not cause minds to react to how far from the truth the human intellect has strayed nothing will.  Imagine what the world will become when the vipers play this theory in the minds of a significant percentage of the population as they did with homosexuality.  The more theories such as those justifying homosexuality and gender identity establish alternative lifestyles the more the social norm will shift.  You decide whether this is good or bad for the future of western civilization and of mankind.  

Other ways in which the vipers undermine society have to do with creating structures of oppression throughout.   In the baal world you get with the program or else you are ‘left behind’.  In other words, they go on to great things without you and take their world from you.  You are in their world, but not of their world.   We saw how they make sure no one deliver from their plight those left behind. 
Vipers are disruptive instigators of conflict within families, organizations, communities, and nations.   See the stories that illustrate how.  They are the real cause behind the trends observed in the stability and longevity of marriages.  It is worth noting what conflict does for the devil’s vipers on the world level.  WWII turned out to be surprisingly useful to them to destroy Christianity with guilt-tripping and help bring western nations into submission.  Recent wars have also helped further their goals.  The two Gulf wars weakened a nation and produced human sacrifices for the vipers. 

The consequences of these wars and the one in Syria are helping change the demographics of Europe. This area of the world is being attacked on several fronts for having been once the cradle then fortress of Christianity and the bastion of Western Civilization. On the cultural front, the vipers are showing how they corrupt what people do with language.  It is no longer used to express ideas truthfully and well.  It is all about double talk, hidden messages, and hissing evil, and this wherever it is spoken or written.  Listen and look carefully how people speak and write.  Their words are not meant to bless the world.  This by itself shows how quickly and how extensively the vipers could destroy cultures.   Then the pattern mentality carries over into everything people produce within the baal world.  The patterns (words, sounds, colors, numbers, signs, behaviors) are designed into everything: products, their packaging, advertising, architecture, artwork…   Some designs are deliberately made to be evil by the designers or by the vipers in their minds.  But there are times when designs are intended to be good but vipers make evil use of them in a world chained down by evil.  You can expect that evil will increasingly be designed into products.  You should experience that already with some high-tech products, particularly software.  The evil might be in the patterns or in the mind chains these products bring.

On the scientific front you read of the lies that infiltrate Medical science, the evils that hinder engineering and corrupt high technology.  This does not bode well for the scientific minds of the West.  People must realize that surrendering their minds to vipers comes at too high a price to them and to mankind.  Vicariously assuming that someone else will keep the world going forward could bring the world backward.  The world has known too many spectacular failures for us to ignore the warning signals.

Now that we have seen how the vipers have deployed a program to undo Western Civilization we must also be aware one fact. What they will bring to replace it is not much.  But obviously they are too giddy with world dominance to give it a thought.  Those able to look beyond short-sighted personal ambitions must be the ones to heed the warning signals and help the world adjust course.

Chapter 35. Out Of Eden

The forbidden fruit

Throughout the ages the devil’s children have reinvented ways of getting and sharing the forbidden fruit: being like God.  Adherents to baal worship, theosophy, the kabbalah, free-masonry share the same ambition: tap into unknown spiritual forces to gain abilities that put them above ordinary human beings.  Some justify their ambition by claiming to be God’s appointed helpers.

In their aspirations for godhood the devil’s children have invented group souls known under different names: baals, egregores, and now simply ‘me’.  These are not gods, they are chains of souls.  What has happened with baal games around the world this past decade shows that God will continue to bring down and confound those who measure themselves to Him.  Games of evil are exposing the arrogance and presumption of enemies of God for what they are: foolishness.  These games have chained the world to evils that the self-appointed rulers seem powerless to control.  They thought they would make their own group god but instead made evils that control them.  The only force able to oppose that evil and the darkness it brings upon the world is God Himself.  But the children of the devil in their hatred of God and of the human race have been destroying that only escape.  They have been tempting children of God, children of light, to taste the forbidden fruit to extinguish the light of God in them.  Those who fell to that temptation did not join a club to rule the world but forged their shackles to the devil.  The devil’s children are not concerned about evil taking over the world for the fact that they opened their club to the masses.  Their ultimate goal is to chain down the whole world to bring about the reign of satan.

From whence shall help come

Vipers and their malfeasants of all nations have a conceit that makes them despise God and think salvation unimportant to them.  There will come a day when they will look to get away from evil.  They will wish they knew where to run to God for salvation.  They will know then what hell they created for themselves. They will realize that they gave themselves what they thought was their gift to us.

The afterlife

In the end, we are all in this world to fulfill God’s plan.  The games the vipers play have revealed that there is life after this world.  In what they do they tend to involve souls of the netherworld.  Many have come up who were not mentioned in the stories described.  Some are souls who achieved fame in this world.   We were spared meeting souls of the rogue and angry dead.  All seemed to show grace in the afterlife.  Servants of the vipers are often given souls of the netherworld to dominate. They are given opportunity to earn prizes with what they do to these souls.   Remember the Haitian soul long gone from this world.  He got the attention of vipers for being around someone they targeted, and for clinging to Jesus on the other side of life.  Their malfeasants were enlisted to do something about that with the suffering they caused him over the years: causing hellish anguish, tormenting or causing him pain, isolating or leaving him stranded, restricting his freedom, using loved ones to cause him anguish, putting him through indignities…  His response was to keep the faith and to resist doing evil.  God must have taught him and the souls who do like him that they will make it if they do not give up.  There is good advice in that for all of us.

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