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Part 5. Retrograding The World


From God No Longer Welcome

Chapter 26. One’s Good Name

Vipers look at someone’s good name, their standing in society as a valuable target for their evils.  When the Haitian soul long gone from this life left in 1995, vipers did not wait for him to be buried before sending rumors of a double life around his family, friends, and acquaintances.  These came from nowhere for a man who lead an exemplary life.   They ended up dying off after a while. But the vipers did a lot of harm to a soul and to his good name. This was for the simple fact that he kept love for God and for Christian grace on the other side of life.  Next time you hear the baal world bring down someone’s good name, particularly a celebrity, wonder what could be the reason.  It might not be their love for God, but if they were not simply being sacrificed it could be that they drew the line somewhere about surrendering their soul to the vipers.  One could only hope they stand their ground from there.

Another way for vipers to affect people’s standing is by changing your image in the minds of those who knew you: family, friends, former classmates, former colleagues, and people from your town.  They will use any prior evil to make people look at you differently: what they did to your income level, how low they brought you with what you might have had to do to earn a few dollars, how their games might have affected your mind, the run ins with the law they might have created, behaviors they might have caused.   They will do anything to destroy your character in people’s mind.  They create a real circus around people who are unemployed.  Friends, family, anyone, are influenced to think of you as lazy.  Employers are programmed to use your length of unemployment against you.  This compounds the evil and creates a system where vipers can displace people from their career or worse exclude them from the workforce.  In this scheme every job interview is used to make the person feel bad and for vipers to stalk them.  When you look at people who might seem down on their luck beware not to add to the evil.  Be careful how vipers might use your mind for that.  Beware of gossip that destroys people’s good standing or their good name for you.

Taking stock

What you heard about the jealousy of a small boss was bad enough.  He put someone through the flooring mechanism out of petty jealousy for her job performance.  The same sort of pettiness could affect the fortunes of a US corporation.   Companies are just as vulnerable as individuals to vipers.  After being conned out of her job by the petty small boss the achiever had a brief stay at a mid-size company poised for acquisition.  The company was bought out by Lucent Technologies that year in 1999 in a stock transaction.  One of the executives resented the net worth that this brought to the founder who was the only stockholder.  Within a few years the Lucent stock became a penny stock.  The Lucent Technologies stock went from a high of over $115 a share spring of 1999 to $0.75 October 2002.  How might this have affected the net worth of this entrepreneur?  Where is Lucent now?  The fate of corporations is determined by many factors.   But the influence of baal games cannot be underestimated.

Lucent buys Kenan Systems.

The rise and demise of Lucent Technologies.

Chapter 27. A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Earlier you heard how the French mind at first fought degradation from vipers’ schemes.  For decades America has gone along with being dumbed-down.   Some pretend vipers give them an edge.  Vipers demand you surrender your mind but lack intelligence for themselves and for those they dominate.   Worthwhile achievements only come from minds God-given intelligence to good things to the world.   People in America and elsewhere have been giving up their minds to vipers and the resulting degradation of the American mind is scary. 

It took a surprising number of years to track down Bin Laden.  With all the intelligence gathering America was unable to track down a terror leader hiding in plain view in a third world country. All of the technical wizardry to spy, gather data, and track down suspects, turned out not to be useful until the right people were motivated to look for the terrorist. This will always be true no matter all the surveillance and spying technology deployed around America.

Remember hurricane Katrina.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was unable to respond better than a third world country.   Why must emergency management be done at the federal level when calamities happen at the community level?  The federal level should only be for grouping resources, training, budgeting.   Emergency monitoring and response should be done at the community level, by a team having authority to deploy non-emergency and emergency infrastructure, with federal approval if necessary.  FEMA seems to use its own organization to disburse emergency funds.  Why does it not use the nearest town or state social security administration for this?  The entire FEMA organization should not be a big bloated bureaucracy since response should be done by community responders, the military, along with the social security administration. 

FEMA failures during hurricane Katrina.

You also have America’s inability to bring affordable universal healthcare.  America could not think of a way to make affordable prescription medicine when Cuba, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and even Haiti were able to do this for certain medicines.  America could not design a way to provide healthcare more affordably.  People should not be forced to take time off from work for a simple cold and have to see an MD for this.  They should be able to see a nurse at the pharmacy after hours.  

Think about the failure.  America failed at its most visible high-tech project.  The enrollment system failed when it was first launched. For an original budget of $93.7 million dollars the actual project costs were estimated to be anywhere from $292 million to $634 million.  The Boston Big Dig the biggest infrastructure project in America in recent decades was complete without fanfare to cover the failure.  Besides being years late and way over budget, that project claimed one life of a passenger driving through a tunnel when a concrete slab fell on her. 

“Obamacare sites cost more than Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn”.

Failed large-scale information technology projects in the public sector.

“The Big Dig — America’s Greatest Highway Robbery”.

NASA shut down the shuttle program officially for cost, obsolescence, and on promises of other types of space exploration. But the decisions to shut down the program came right after the Columbia shuttle disaster. Most likely there was an inability to guarantee other space shuttle disasters.  America so far has not been able to build a high speed rail system. With recent records of failure on high scale projects, and the fact that high-speed rail initiatives have been stopped, it is not likely that the know-how exists to build one that performs as well as the systems in Europe, Japan, and China. Acela runs at a maximum speed of 150 mph on a few miles, the fastest in America. The high-speed trains in Japan were already achieving speeds of 186 mph in 1964. Politics are compounding the likely technical lag. Lobbyists from the airline industry, highway builders, auto manufacturers have been stopping efforts to get projects underway in major rail transportation corridors.

NASA shuttle program shut down in July 2011 for expense on ‘promises’ of better programs.

“Challenger, Columbia, and the lies we tell ourselves”.

“Why can’t the US build a high-speed rail?”.

In 1964 Japan’s high-speed train at 186 mph vs. Acela 120 mph today.

Interstate high-speed? No political will for projects at national level.

The auto manufacturing is another area that reflects a degradation of the American. See the comments on American excellence. Hybrid cars were brought to market but have not been widely adopted. Why are there not more electric cars?  We cannot underestimate the role chains of greed have in degrading America’s ability to innovate and solve problems. If fossil fuels are in limited supply and have adverse environmental impact, lobbying should not impede progress in the development of clean technologies that would resolve these issues. Why are there not scanners at the airport that allow you to stand up like a human being and keep your shoes on?  Technology should be put at the service of mankind and not degrade it. Why are internet searches so useless unless for research purposes particularly if you are looking for a specific text within a web article?  For example, if you search for this: ‘Pope Francis will sin again 15-June-2013’, the searches do not differentiate between search text, dates, proper names with title, or domains, and do not prioritize them.  The search should have returned as the first item a web article with the homily Pope Francis gave on June 15, 2013 on the Vatican web site Searches at first did not return items on that topic at all. Recent searches have shown the topic but have not given the actual homily. On the topic of domains, it seems beyond anyone’s intelligence to sort through domain name categorization: .edu, .com, .net, .tv, .info, .uk.  This many decades into the world wide web it still is not obvious what these categories do for web users. The only goal seems to be to better monetize domains by having several with the same name.  The categorization could have been designed to have real practical usefulness for search purposes.  Once there were personal web portals where users had their view of the cyber world. They are replaced by products that give us someone’s view of the world with the content selected for us.  Products such as newsgroups and RSS feeds made it easier to access the information we want, when we want.  Development on these products was halted in favor of other types of social networks that make superficial human interaction priority instead of access to pertinent, relevant, empowering information. 

Minds are being steered away from what challenges and stretches them and from what brings real benefits to the world. Products are created with priority given to what they do for vipers and for the baal world. Meanwhile, people are vicariously made to feel that they are bright for using products that others made. They are unaware of what is being done to the minds of those who design the products that make them feel so special.

Chapter 28. Made In America

E for excellence

Vipers pretend to be the teachers of excellence.   They no longer leave enough intelligence in the minds of the world to achieve that excellence. But they teach conceit to their servants for these to condescend as they cover up mediocrity.   This is done in every field, but we could look at the auto industry. One American car make, the Chrysler Town and Country, has shown the same failures for all model years going back to 1996: electrical failure, engine problems, airbag…  Clearly ‘made in America’ is no longer a guarantee of excellence, particularly in the auto industry.  Issues with this car make are not enough to prove it. What does is the fact that auto buyers favor European and Japanese car makes. Nowadays buying American is not about being a smart shopper but is seen as a patriotic gesture.  People must get over the lingering mystique about American excellence to look for where mediocrity has crept in and fight it. In addition, we are being subjected to voodoo marketing. We buy not as a result of an informed smart choice but because we are influenced to do so. Increasingly products of low quality, with limited features are hyped for us to have a good impression of them. For vipers this is an important aspect of world dominance: we buy when we are told. In this way they shift control from the consumer to themselves.

Chrysler Town & Country problems.

Good value for the money

Products and companies only succeed in today’s America, in today’s world, if they are willing to be used by the vipers to help chain down minds and souls.  There are companies that deliberately put defects in their products for the vipers.   Often they add features meant for the vipers and not for the consumer.  Most products you use are designed to bring or connect vipers to your life: groceries, personal care products, clothing, high tech gadgets, appliances, cars…  Because of this, the products you buy affect your life in hidden ways.  You might not be aware that in America there are different products made for different classes of people.   The same brand might be available at the dollar store and the high end store but they come from different plants.  The difference is not only cheaper packaging.  There are differences in what the vipers do to the consumers with them.  Also, when stores ask you to sign up for loyalty or discount programs, it is no longer in your best interest to do so.  The discounts come at a cost, chains to your mind, soul, or body.  Be particularly concerned if they ask you for your life story to sign you up. 

Products are designed to fail predictably for people to buy again.  Software products, some available for free, are deliberately designed to use up your data plan.  People must be careful of what they get for the money.

The best things in life are free

In the baal world, beware of anything that comes free.  Vipers usually pay themselves in kind with your mind, body, spirit.  Beware of coupons and promotions.  Beware of free software products, the products you use on the internet, the apps on your phone. There are those who are aware of what these products do and who think of them as a way to connect with vipers.  Others are completely unaware of what these products do to them.  They bring chains that you might want to avoid.

Chapter 29. Lies In The Science

Reason was to emancipate man from God and science was to enable him to master the world.  Science is being invaded with lies as reason and objectivity are exiting.  Is there really such a thing as global warming?  What really causes climate change if it exists? Is it human activity or something else?  Is human-animal hybridization research a real science to better mankind?  Is research about controlling electronics with thoughts real or is it about making the occult seem high tech?  Vipers particularly seem intent on bringing lies into high technology.  What is there to ‘cloud’ technology that is so different from the days when this was called software-as-a-service?  With what search engines do nowadays what science could there really be with Search Engine Optimization?

To get the article with this quote:

‘Our times are shot through with self-contradiction. This is precisely what is being referred to as the new normal: double-talk, double-think, double-standard, double-bind, these four which I’ve previously called our own Four Riders of the Apocalypse…’  from “Knowledge, Power, Freedom, Responsibility”.

Search for

double-standard double-talk double-bind

The results only show the article if you add ‘self-contradiction ‘, and search for

self-contradiction double-standard double-talk double-bind

The search does not show the article in the first pages for

self-contradiction double-talk double-standard double-bind

What is hype and what is science when it comes to social networks?  Are they about the users or are they about the vipers?  Is there any real benefit to having your own top-level domain, e.g. .abc instead of .net?  They make you think that having your own .abc is special when they could not sort through the existing .com, .net., edu…    We must learn to differentiate between what is real science and what are lies masquerading as science.

“The Climate Change Hoax – the Lie is in the Cause”.

“Climate change lies are exposed”.

Oracle CEO denounces the lie of ‘cloud’.  This is just another word for the internet.  An article with his words.  Note that it was from a devotee of that world who pretends he changed his mind.

Here comes the sun

By now we should all have solar power but we do not.   Could it be that someone does not want free power for us?   Advances in solar technology seem to have been thwarted just like what happened with software engineering.  The minds of solar engineers were sidetracked like the minds of computer programmers.  Solar engineers have been scratching their heads about how store the power.  One of the ideas they have been exploring is to store it in a tank of water.  It does not seem like they have been working on increasing the capacity of solar cells.  Then how about storing the power in the cells themselves?  If not, how about a compact and efficient way to store it instead of a water tank?  Vipers do not make minds smarter.  But they do know how to interfere with the different aspects of human intelligence: innovation, creativity, problem-solving. The current state of solar technology shows that they could hinder scientific advances that could solve the world’s problems.

Just what the doctor ordered

Lies turn up in a surprising area in today’s world: Medical science.  There are serious illnesses where the causes given seem far-fetched.  A disease whose name starts with AL is caused by ALuminum accumulation.  Color-coding helps autism.  What is the cure for overactive bladder disorder?  Vipers and their malfeasants are the ones playing with people’s continence. Vipers are the ones keeping our brain awake. They send us to look for all sorts of relief for insomnia.

One major area of lies is the mental health system.   People end up there for not reacting too well to the vipers or for becoming too aware of their schemes.   They declare you crazy for not giving in to them or for telling on them.  What zealous servants of the vipers do for them in the mental health system is another of America’s best kept secrets.

Chapter 30. The Rule Of Lawlessness

Between unjust laws and the zeal for evil of their servants, vipers have been undoing the gains made to establish a civilized society where people are protected from harm.  In America vipers get in the minds of their servants and make them call the police on you for the most frivolous reasons. For example, they might say that they saw you look at cars while walking in their neighborhood, or they thought you looked strange, or you did not open your door to the landlady…

September 11 was a convenient terror attack for vipers to change America into a police state.  The achiever once had the police brought to her bedroom door because she changed her mind after pulling into a gas station and drove away abruptly.  This was not a station where you could pump gas before buying it.   The station had the police track her down to the home where she was rooming and the landlord sent them to her door.   On another occasion an entire neighborhood ganged up on the achiever.  She attempted to park her car in a spot that was too small where her bumper touched the other car.  The car owner conveniently was around to cause an incident.  The people around the neighborhood where willing to lie along with her about a hit and run!  That woman made such a claim when the police got there after she called.

On another occasion she was chased down and assaulted by an off-duty out of uniform policeman for walking off the sidewalk.   That policeman claimed that she assaulted him for biting his arm to fight back.  Servants of the vipers ferry enough baal spirits to cause incidents like these.  Not every policeman does evil, but baal spirits and the orders they get from them are a fact of life in their occupation.  Police brutality is a result of this. These baal spirits take over to sacrifice human beings.  

Zealous servants of the vipers play with the law in a lot of ways to show zeal and do evil for their masters.  Sometimes the evil is not what people do with the law but the law itself.  There is a law that allows organizations and individuals to have detained for observation for 72 hours anyone they ‘suspect’ of mental illness.  This could be prolonged to weeks on a court order.  Imagine what the vipers have been doing around America with this law.

Chapter 31. Making Sacrifices

Human sacrifices happen everywhere around the baal world.   One of the most important areas where they sacrifice human beings is health.  They do this with various diseases from minor ailments (hemorrhoids, Urinary Tract Infections, bladder or intestinal disorders…) to major diseases (you name them…).  When the vipers target someone with catastrophic illness this is no joke.  But the arrogance that made them program ‘bald’ness in the treatment is disgusting.  In a way they put their signature on the afflicted: baal was there.

Vipers also sacrifice human beings through law enforcement, the courts, the prison system.   They use these to sacrifice people’s standing in society.  You saw earlier how easily they do this, what schemes they have in place and how they go as far as having laws enacted for them to commit crimes against human beings.  The death penalty does not exist to bring justice or control prison population.  Vipers send people to death row to sacrifice them.  The advocacy to abolish it is just a show.  There is talk of new or reinstated methods of execution, e.g. the firing squad.  Some talk of studying ancient execution methods of non-Christians for their ‘humane’ aspects.

Human sacrifices also occur in social assistance.   Vipers consider as fair game people receiving assistance.   They prey on people at shelters and soup kitchens.   Those using career assistance resources are also targeted.  Increasingly, within the workforce whether in retail or in corporate America, people must give up their mind and soul to the devil’s vipers for the right to a livelihood.  Thanks to the vipers evil is taking over our lives in this world and the next.

Beauty is only skin deep

You read earlier about the signature vipers put on the afflicted with baldness.  This is about baal but also about sacrificing beauty.  This becomes obvious when you think of women being afflicted in their breasts.

On the topic of beauty, the severely obese might have gotten help getting there.  Nutrition or metabolism might not tell the entire story.  Similarly, the vipers target people’s teeth!  So many people are missing front teeth. With the availability of dental care people in America should be able to keep all their teeth.  Not with the vipers. 

Since the achiever was targeted to be put through ‘the works’, the small bosses who commissioned the evils thought they would go at her front teeth and her figure as well as her health.  Time will tell how she does health-wise.  But see how low vipers have gone with her. They have practically melted her buttocks and her well toned arms. Their goals were to sacrifice her beauty and to ingratiate jealous Haitian malfeasants. Haitians envy people’s healthy weight. America has Haitians to thank for voluptuous curves having come back in fashion.

Chapter 32. Elemental Forces Unbound

Commanding the elements

Cataclysms are useful to the vipers to sacrifice human beings on a grand scale.  Quite a few have occurred since 2001:  earthquakes in Italy, Turkey, Asia, tsunamis in Indonesia and Japan, hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, storms, forest fires and floods in Europe.   People know something is wrong and that the cause is not global warming.  The tornadoes and snowmaggedons in America are not normal weather patterns.  In Haiti the 2010 earthquake is reported to have taken hundreds of thousands of lives and was followed by cholera, not to mention floods before and after.  Did this have a role in helping the Haitians make up their minds to give up the real God for the devil’s vipers?  Some run to God in times in times of distress, some seek greener pastures…

“Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions”.

“Floods, Avalanches, Mudslides, and Tidal Waves”.

“Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disasters: Table of Events”.

Here are some cataclysms around the US that show the increased cost and toll on lives.

Table 2. US Cataclysms in Recent Years (Lives, Billions)
Texas Tornadoes and Midwest Flooding (50, $2.0)
December 2015 (12-26-2015 to 12-29-2015)
South Carolina and East Coast Flooding (31, $2.5)
October 2015 (10-01-2015 to 10-05-2015)
Central and Eastern Winter storm, Cold Wave (30, $3.0)
February 2015 (02-14-2015 to 02-20-2015)
Midwest/ Southeast/ Northeast Tornadoes and Flooding (33, $1.6)
April 2014 (04-27-2014 to 2014-05-01)
Western/ Plains Drought/ Heatwave (53, $10.7)
Spring-Fall 2013 (03-01-2013 to 11-30-2013)
Midwest/ Plains/ East Tornadoes (27, $2.6)
May 2013 (05-18-2013 to 05-22-2013)
U.S. Drought/ Heatwave1 (23, $31.2)
2012 (01-01-2012 to 12-31-2012
Sandy (159, $67.6)
October 2012 (10-30-2012 to 2012-10-31)
Plains/ East/ Northeast Severe Weather (28, $3.0)
June-July 2012 (06-29-2012 to 07-02-2012)
Southeast/ Ohio Valley Tornadoes (42, $3.2)
March 2012 (03-02-2012 to 03-03-2012)
Southern Plains/ Southwest Drought & Heat Wave (95, $12.7)
Spring-Summer 2011 (03-01-2011 to 08-31-2011)
Hurricane Irene (45, $14.3)
August 2011 (08-26-2011 to 08-28-2011)
Midwest/ Southeast Tornadoes (177, $9.6)
May 2011 (05-22-2011 to 05-27-2011)
Southeast/ Ohio Valley/ Midwest Tornadoes (321, $10.8)

April 2011 (04-25-2011 to 04-28-2011)
Midwest/ Southeast Tornadoes (38, $2.2)
April 2011 (04-14-2011 to 04-16-2011)
East/ South Flooding and Severe Weather (32, $2.5)
May 2010 (04-30-2010 to 05-02-2010)
Hurricane Ike (112, $33.3)
September 2008 (09-12-2008 to 09-14-2008)
Hurricane Gustav (53, $6.7)
September 2008 (08-31-2008 to 09-03-2008)
Midwest Flooding (24, $11.1)
Summer 2008 (04-01-2008 to 06-30-2008)
Southeast Tornadoes and Severe Weather (57, $1.3)
February 2008 (02-05-2008 to 02-06-2008)
Hurricane Wilma (35, $23.4)
October 2005 (10-24-2005 to 10-24-2005)
Hurricane Rita (119, $22.8)
September 2005 (09-20-2005 to 09-24-2005)
Hurricane Katrina (1,833, $153.8)
August 2005 (08-25-2005 to 08-30-2005)
Hurricane Ivan (57, $26.0)
September 2004 (09-12-2004 to 09-21-2004)
Hurricane Frances (48, $12.4)
September 2004 (09-03-2004 to 09-09-2004)
Hurricane Charley (35, $21.0)
August 2004 (08-13-2004 to 08-14-2004)
Hurricane Isabel (55, $7.2)
September 2003 (09-18-2003 to 09-19-2003)
Severe Storms/ Tornadoes (51, $5.3)
May 2003 (05-03-2003 to 05-10-2003)
Tropical Storm Allison (43, $11.5)
June 2001 (06-05-2001 to 06-17-2001)

From US. See original table for trends going back to 1980.

Secrets are being revealed about government sponsored research for atmospheric warfare. Internet articles claim that research by the High Frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP) might have caused the earthquake in Haiti, the tsunamis in Indonesia and in Japan, and hurricane Katrina from experiments gone wrong. It would not be surprising if vipers took advantage of the science to cause cataclysms around the world. There have been strange cloud patterns called chemtrails seen in the sky. These are caused by airplanes spraying chemicals to affect weather patterns. Typically these chemtrails would make an ‘X’ pattern. How fitting since God is no longer welcome in the world.

HAARP caused Japan, Haiti earthquakes.

HAARP disasters Sep 2010.

Haiti earthquake conspiracy.

Tired, poor, huddled masses

Political instability in the Middle-East, particularly the war in Syria seems to be causing one of the worse problems of human migration in history.  Imagine the boldness of the vipers in putting the worse areas of the Syrian conflict in towns that hiss word patterns: Aleppo (poor), Homs (homes).  Millions of Syrians have been migrating to neighboring countries and beyond to Europe.  Refugees from Iraq and Libya add to their numbers.  One cannot help but wonder how Europe’s demographics will change from this and what role the enemies of God might have had fostering that migration.  It seems to be a convenient tool to undo the Christian characteristics of Europe once and for all.

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