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Part 3. Putting Their Mark On The World


From God No Longer Welcome

Chapter 14. A Land of Plenty

Nature’s bounty

Vipers not only changed how Haitians speak their language, they also changed what they do with their food.  Food products were given new meaning, usually for evil.  Eggs are cheap Plexiglas coffins.  Fruit juices are semen.  So are Irish cream, and eggnog.  The vipers seem to have used the lowest elements of Haitian society for some of this programming.  Banana peel, fruit skin, bread skin, onion skin, garlic skin, any skin (in French  ‘peau’) are for poverty.  Milk (in Creole ‘let’) could be about interracial marriage or could be unpleasant business letters.   Turkey necks in French are ‘cou’ and sound like ‘coup’ for a blow. This could refer to violence or might be about a sudden difficult situation. Pear makes the French ‘perd’ and sounds like ‘losing’.  The vipers do not stick to one language to hiss evil.  They scan the entire world.   Languages unknown to you and spoken far away are affecting your lives.  Beans (in French ‘pois’) make the sound-pattern for poo, fecal matter.   Clementines or tangerines (in French ‘mandarine’) make the sound pattern ‘mandat’ for warrant.  Lemon and lime destroy language speaking ability.   Breadfruit (in Creole ‘lam’) makes the French for ‘ame’ or soul.   Potato (in French ‘pomme de terre’) is about being earthbound. They do other things specific to the Haitian culture with soursop, mango, string beans, plantain, cherries.  Some fruits also have the same meaning as in America, e.g. cherries, apple, sugarcane, passion fruit, berries…   Papaya might be just as it sounds: the devil claiming to be people’s father.  But I have seen something strange at the grocery store:  half papaya sliced to look like female genitals, small ones and big ones.  There were big ones stuffed with straw’berries’ or blue’berries’.  What the baal world does with this, I will leave up to your imagination.

Hazardous cooking

Food games in the baal world are not only about produce.  They are also about how you prepare the food and what ingredients you combine.   There are games played that are about amputations: drumsticks and thighs, particularly turkey drumsticks sliced to look like small steaks.  Games like these are played all the time.  Who knows how they might influence amputations for diabetics. Once in a while they produce a windfall of amputees as they did in the 2010 Haiti earthquake and the Boston marathon terror attacks, as you might have heard.  All these shops selling prosthetics are not really there for battle-wounded veterans. 

What evil the vipers do with food preparation is based on how inspired they or their malfeasants are at the time.  Fried dough might be about poverty just like empa’nada’s.  French fries (fried potatoes) could now be similar. Frying, slicing, dicing are very useful to the vipers.  They also use food combinations to make word games, for examples carrots with greens or foods that include nut products. This is only to illustrate how the vipers corrupt cultures and how bad the evil they could intend with the simplest things.   People cannot live their life worrying about everything the devil’s vipers do.  Ideally, we should unload them from our minds and bodies to lead holy lives again.

Have your cake and eat it too

In Haiti the baal games use a whiskey cake to make alcoholics, perhaps out of priests.  One of the tactics of the enemies of Jesus is to bring vices to the clergy to cause scandals and undermine the Church.  We do not know how the devil’s vipers hissed vices into the souls of Catholic clergy around the world. But we have a clue as to how they are attempting to do this to Haitian clergy with one vice: alcoholism.  Lay pharisaic servants are involved in chaining souls to the vices.

Chapter 15. Pattern Detection

It’s all a number game

Haitians brought their own addition to baal number patterns.  Any number ending in ’05’ is about pennies.  An American penny used to be five cents to the Haitians.  What are people that do not have a penny?  Look for that number-pattern around you:  product order numbers, phone numbers, bus numbers.   The year 2008 the first three digits in the Amazon order numbers made that pattern.  Here is an order for the month of May: 105-2743961-4316263.  What was Amazon doing for the baal world with that import from Haiti?  Other numbers in the baal world that might be from Haiti are 73, 93, and 100. In French or Creole they make a sound like 13. The project was originally budgeted for $93.7 million. The number 100 makes the French sound ‘sang’ for blood. Some of the numbers in the baal games that were not from the Haitians are: 7, 9, 11, 12, 120, 180, 360, 365, 2, 3, 6, 10, 27, 34, 48, 52, 67, 76, 86.  There was a cooking show, Cooking Under Fire, where the losers were shown the bottom of a frying pan with the number 86 written on it. 1986 was the year of the Chernobyl disaster. This was also the year when the achiever immigrated into the US. Was that number referring to one of these or was this about putting people 80 feet out, six feet under? Numbers are everywhere in the baal world. Taxicabs each have a handful of numbers associated with them. So do police cars, buses All of these do games for the baal world. The numbers players wear on sports teams are used in the same way. Your account numbers, phone numbers could all be useful to the vipers. They hand selected phone numbers for the achiever’s family members to play games with her. One of her aunts has a phone number with the pattern ‘205’.

Kenya Burns Elephant Ivory Worth $105 Million…

The Origins of Lehman’s ‘Repo 105’ – The New York Times.

105-Year-Old Who Threw Out First Pitch Drinks THIS To Stay Young.

Unpaid Writer Files $105M Class-Action Suit Against Huffington Post.

Chrysler to pay $105 million for mishandling recalls.

Plane with 105 aboard crashes in Iran Jan 9 2011.

Storm Katie lashes United Kingdom, wind gusts up to 105 mph.

At the Ripe Age of 105, IBM Seeks to Reinvent ItselfAgain …

The Nokia 105 is ISIS’ Favorite Bomb Trigger. – Flight 93 hijacker: ‘Shall we finish it off?’.

New York Times Sells Boston Globe at 93% Loss.

Hyperloop Raises $93 Million in Funding.

Moelis Gets $93 Million Investment…

SAIC Awarded $93 Million Task Order…

Different sources describe meaning for the numbers of the baal games from different cultures. Here are a few descriptions.

Table 1. Meaning for Numbers (selected)
# Description
2 Chaining together or for division
3 Mocking the Holy Trinity
4 Four-legged
6 Illness, human weakness or sin
7 Completeness
9 Ninth universal empire
10 The law
11 Antichrist, disorder, judgment
13 Rebellion against God, depravity, sinfulness
18 Triple 6 (number of the beast)
21 Wickedness, rebellion, end of Christ’s reign
100 Soul chains, blood
180 Reversal
360 Reversal

Meaning of numbers in the Bible.

Bible numbers and Bible gematria.

Just as they do with words, vipers probably scan the entire world to give new meaning to numbers.  They do not keep the voodoo honest and could claim that it worked every time.

Color coded awareness

Is all that pink really about awareness or is it something else?  Then there is the color blue.  Navy blue is synonymous for baal vipers.  When you want to put on baal spirits, that color does trick.  Haiti’s flag was changed from red and black to red and blue to chain it to the American colors.  Orange sacrifices people to the prison system and, who knows, perhaps death row.  In America you have people driving bright orange cars to play this game.  You have parents putting their child in an orange baby carriage.  

The color coding of software is particularly obvious. What do the big primary color blocks on Gmail and other apps do for the users? The answer is these products were meant to do something to you and not for you. There are color patches with big letters next to your name, and next to each email item. There are web pages and apps where text fields turn into a pink box when the information entered is incorrect. Put together the color pink with the box pattern and get a coffin. The achiever once ordered a notebook from a well-known computer products company that was shipped to her in a pink box as if it came from a pastry shop.

Every color in every shade has a meaning.  The colors for every product around your life were chosen for what they do in the baal world.  If only there was a way to know what the vipers are doing with each color in the Pantone palette.  This is one of the most disgusting ways to corrupt a culture.  What was essential to create beauty now does evil.  That sort of color coding was exported to Haiti.  The baal spirits flying around change the colors of Haiti with it: the buildings, the cars, what people wear…

Chapter 16. Family Values

Family ties

Vipers know how to create chains of evil between minds and souls.  They are evil enough to do this within families.  They look for and intensify jealousy, rivalry, grudges, issues while sowing discord.  They use family members to drag each other to the baal vipers.  They make family members do evil to each other to earn prizes.  They pit family members against each other.  They empower family members with supernatural abilities that they can use on each other.   Some members of the widow’s and the achiever’s family joined the ranks of the scum Haitians for those reasons. 

Vipers could send their own people on a mission into your family through marriage.  They cause estrangement between family members and brainwash or pressure people to not help their own.  Once vipers put you through their oppressive schemes, they know that you might have family to fall back on.  So they have more games to thwart that.  Next time you look at a vagrant, think about the fact that the person has family somewhere.  It is just not the American way to shield or rescue people from the vipers.

Quality time

Family life can change drastically when vipers are present among you.  It becomes difficult for people to understand and relate to each other. A look at the hidden side of our lives would reveal that vipers are the cause of all family conflicts. Even conversations could become difficult because they bring their hissing into what people attempt to say to each other.  They could use family members to speak word patterns at each other to utter curses. Vipers also tend to bring their games into family relationships. The petty jealous small boss uses the widow, who is oppressed herself, to haunt the achiever in a lot of different ways.  The widow is unaware that her words or thoughts are inspired by him.  He taunts her about the days when she was a professional, now that her bedroom has replaced her office.   He nags her with comments of having a mind of her own, i.e. resisting vipers, uses chains to send these thoughts around her family for her to hear this from many directions.
American society has evolved values and lifestyles to hide the evils dark forces of the world bring between family members. People do not get their own space to be their own person, but to avoid destructive conflict. Vipers do not make it easy for people to live in close proximity to their loved ones. They create habits for people to annoy each other. They hiss into minds petty thoughts to create resentment. They foster lack of mutual understanding by interpreting actions and intentions. They could make living together intolerable when they use family members to utter or do evil on their behalf. Could these be the reasons why family might live across the country and only visit for two or three days around Thanksgiving or Christmas? People might jet set across the world alone for weeks or months but cannot be that long around family they only see once a year. They could always give them a few dollars or bring gifts if the concern is the toll on groceries and utilities.

Persons within groups or families must keep their own heads otherwise in their relationships they will become harmful to each other. In resolving who they should be to rulers of the world, people must also think about their loved ones. Giving in to the vipers brings them into your family life and puts in harm’s way those you claim to love. With warped values people pretend to be virtuous when they show zeal for doing evil since they do so to provide for their family. They were taught to warp their minds and consciences in that way. They also bring the vipers and their chains to their children claiming to give them an edge in life. Effectively, the rulers of the world have taught human beings to overcome the strongest instinct that God put in them for the success of their race, i.e., the protection of their young. In addition with the obligation or willingness to carry the vipers comes unholy contact between people in relationships. People no longer relate in truth: do they speak to the human being or to the vipers in them? Relationships are no longer genuine: do they show love to the visible person or to what they carry? Human contact is no longer holy. Who do you hug, your spouse or the vipers? Who do you raise, your children or the devil’s spawns?

Chapter 17. Reach Out And Touch Someone

Mobile phones are useful to the vipers to make and keep chains around human beings.  They schedule and script conversations between family, friends, strangers…   With the conversations you are having or those you overhear from people speaking around you they send their baal spirits and their chains.  Mobile phones arrived in Haiti with the baal games to be used for this.  Everything about the providers is of that world, their marketing, business models…   The vipers take advantage of the Haitian mentality to do what they would not do elsewhere: rip-offs, obnoxious or annoying marketing, telemarketing, spam messages, usage tracking.  Freaks call you from anywhere and expect conversation. Then they taught the Haitians a mystique around mobile phones.  People worship their phones and expect you to do the same.  They could take their calls anywhere sometimes in the middle of your home.   In that phone they have a god in their hand and expect veneration for themselves and for it. 
People are encouraged with free minutes to use their phones as a radio for additional vipers’ hissing.  Haitians have cursed their nation in general by giving it over to the vipers.  And they turned mobile phones into the predominant way to ferry that curse.  This might also be true for America.  Why are not people more discrete when taking their phone calls?  They speak right into your ear in the line at the bank.  They walk around the grocery shop carrying on their conversations.  The clerk at the store was worshiping her phone, getting instructions from who knows where, just before handling the underwear you were purchasing.  We cannot ignore the role mobile phones have in the vipers keeping everyone chained in the baal world.

Chapter 18. A Man’s Home Is His Castle

In this world there are no boundaries around people’s lives that the vipers respect: people’s mind, body, sex life, relationships, or home.  The right to privacy is something they think they could trample on and no one is saying anything.   They use different schemes to ferry themselves into homes.   Phone conversations, television or radio programs are schemes they might use.  The way this seems to work is that as soon as your mind receives a signal, a pattern they sent, they know where to show up and bring their hissing baal spirits to you.  When they use human beings to creep around you and ferry them they show more arrogance.  In Haiti, they might use street vendors that come and go calling their wares, shoeshines ringing bells, fake evangelizers shouting their message.  Any of these come by before sun up, while you are still in bed, and throughout the day.  The vipers might use workmen who take forever to complete a project.  They might choose domestics for you and send them on a mission in your life.  They might send day workers to pretend to help in exchange for a small pay who are really there to ferry their chains or demons to you.   They might send along people that you feel compelled to help, or who pretend to help you, who creep around your household for them.  The widow has many such ‘helpers’ around, who milk her, curse and bind her for the vipers.  These hangers-ons and creeps are also useful for the small boss vipers to keep close to her daughter the achiever who they have been hounding all those years. 

Vipers also use people speaking loudly or listening to music around the neighborhood, or cars driving by.  They also use the vibrations of motorcycle engines.  These are also important to the vipers in America.  But they might have different ways to send people to your home and prove that in this world the right to privacy does not exist.  They use the cable guy, maintenance people… They deliberately cause calamities to send people to work around your home.  They might have freaks ring your door bell or leave gifts for you in your trash can or recycling bin.  They might use people who pretend to be social or neighborly.  In buildings they might use fire alarms to bring people out. 

There is also the rooming trend where people on instructions from that world, bring strangers in their home.  Some do this for help with the mortgage, others do this for the baal world.  These vipers also use the rooming lifestyle of young or low income people to ferry themselves and their chains around lives.  In the baal world, no one however wealthy or powerful can keep out the vipers.  One must have the mightier ‘spirit’ to push back the riff-raff they bring along.  Gone are the days when we were king or queen in our own home.

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