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Part 2. Appropriating What Belongs To God


From God No Longer Welcome

Chapter 8. It’s Mine!

The point of these stories is to tell you about appropriation and imposture.  The devil and his children have a disgusting vice: they appropriate what belongs to God.  The world and everything in it belong to God.  The devil and his children claim it as theirs.   To do this they put their baal spirits everywhere, in everyone and everything.   They come into nations and appoint themselves rulers.  They did not create the nations of the world, did not work to build them.  They might rewrite history with lies to claim otherwise.  But they did not create or build the world and that’s a fact.   Interestingly enough, not one of the vipers who targeted the achiever built anything in this world.  They are all small bosses riding someone’s life work and on someone’s payroll somewhere. So are most of those they brought with them.

God created the world.   Children of God built it up with minds blessed with God-given intelligence, grace, to bring good things to the world.  Evil minds are only designed to dominate, appropriate, and destroy.  The devil’s vipers would have destroyed the world by now if it were not for children of God.  These are the ones who work hard and use their talents to bring goodness into the world. In spite of this, the devil’s children declare themselves rulers, the only god in town.  They create a deceptive mystique to claim that everything comes from them and that the right to a life in this world must be earned from them.   They bring with them wherever they arrive an arrogant sense of appropriation.  Everyone lives in ‘their’ world and could only do that because the privilege was granted to them.  Everything in everyone’s life is ‘attached’ by the vipers and is for their use: to ferry themselves, play games with lives, and posture as rulers of nations.  Whether or not you are aware of this, that is a fact of life in America and wherever the vipers bring their imposture.  They entangle themselves in every aspect of your life: social, financial, educational, professional, for none of your choices to be free and about you and for them to use you.  This is made more obvious when they target you with evil.  You become aware that they claim as theirs anything you ever owned: homes, cars, clothing, gadgets, appliances, furnishings, even knowledge in your mind.  When they want to destroy you they enlist their world to get at all of that.  They appropriate all the structures of a society to display might and posture as destroyers of people and rulers of nations.  

Realize that they could not have not have gotten there without the help of children of God.   If a child were to think that the toys he plays with at daycare were his and attempt to take them home with him, his parent would scold him.  They would make him give them back.  Yet nowadays people around the world hand over their lives and nations to the thief and his brats, without much of a fight.   The devil’s vipers use all sorts of schemes to bewitch, beguile, entice, corrupt, subdue, dominate, coerce, and scare children of God.  The devil and his children despise human beings.  They are full of disdain, hatred, and jealousy for what God has made.   They know children of God are different, are endowed with graces that they themselves lack.  Their conceit is an attempt to conceal that difference.   Their zeal to dominate human beings is not only to appropriate the world. It is also to make us less than what we are as children of God.   For this they must appropriate us and make us their creatures.  God made human beings, we belong to Him.  The devil wants to be our father, his children look to be our masters.  They appropriate our minds, bodies, souls to make us their toys, all of this with the goal to debase us.  Every human being must be made aware of the intense hatred and contempt the devil and his children have for us.  You cannot buy from them any goodwill toward the human that you are.   If you relinquish to them allegiance to God or your very being you still could not abate that deep-seated hatred.  Their hatred is overt to those who are with God.   But they also express it to those zealous in their service.   The best way for them to get back at you for being a child of God is by making you into an animal hell-bent doing evil for them.  The opportunists who show zeal for them, by doing little evils or by destroying lives or souls around the world, should know this.  People should think twice about making the vipers rulers of nations and serving them.  They are destroying their souls and are giving in to thieves and impostors who are taking what belongs to God.

Chapter 9. Working 9 To 5

God made us and put us in the world.  He put everything in it to support us.  However, everything available to us to make a life in today’s world was appropriated by the vipers: education, professions of any kind, non-professional employment, self-employment, entrepreneurship.  Haitians look at education as a promise of prosperity. So do the vipers.   What little freedom of mind people might still have after completing high-school, they might be forced to give up in college.   Then what opportunities open up for them to build a career, secure employment, or create something of their own brings them to face with the impostors. The vipers declare that the right to a life anywhere in this world must be granted by or earned from them, at the cost of one’s allegiance to God or of one’s own soul.   Otherwise, God might as well send ravens to feed you as He did the prophet.   

But God put everything in this world for us to live.   We have a right to make a life with the mind and hands He gave us.  With that mind and with these hands we could create something and make a livelihood.  Or we could put them at the service of an employer to earn a living without having to give up our dignity, self-respect, or worse, our souls.   The vipers look at the world differently.  As they replace God in the world, they will make it more obvious that everyone must give in to them and surrender their minds and souls. This is a condition required for the right to a life in this world.  There is an alarming trend associated with this.  The vipers reward idiocy and mediocrity because these are the minds most submissive to them.  Look around you and in the media to see how the dumb and mediocre are given more visibility. 

In the workplace, as a condition of employment people will be forced to go along with the evils of companies, bosses, co-workers.  People have day job with defined responsibilities, but they also have a side job: join in on field trips with malfeasant employers and colleagues to stalk souls and do evil for the vipers. Meetings, emails, lunch meetings, social gatherings could all be used to make chains for such field trips. The small boss CEO once sent an email of lies to enlist employees to do evil to the achiever with him. He told the employees that ‘someone’ must have been hoarding the clementine oranges that he ordered because there were none in the kitchen when he went looking. This was a petty lie, he might not actually have ordered the oranges. But he also used the email to hiss a curse. Orange is a pattern for this in the baal world. These employees were brought to have a role in the harm that CEO brought to the achiever and to some members of her family. This was to illustrate evil games that employees are expected to play for the salary they earn. Everywhere, for those who do not give in and get with the programs vipers and their zealous servants are waiting to put obstacles to all the options they would explore.  They might be edged out of their careers. If they were to seek employment they might continually meet with rejection.  If they were to do something on their own they might meet with obstacles in gaining support for their ideas, or might have difficulty getting clients. 

Those who put themselves at the service of vipers by being obstacles in someone’s path do not think carefully enough about the oppressive scheme they bring down on everyone.  God’s providence only works in a world ruled by and made of children of God, not one dominated by the devil and his children.  We already live in a world where people pray the devil’s vipers for a life instead of God.  When these impostors no longer have a need for incentives to take souls from God, they will stop answering such prayers.

Chapter 10. The Land of Equal Opportunity

When it comes to opportunity and equality life in America is not as we are told. There are hidden forces that determine how far and how high one could go. Not everyone gets to go to college. The ways to create this limitation might be high-school achievement, misconceptions about affordability or importance of parents’ wealth, and so on. Beyond college, there are those who are steered away from professional careers in the corporate world. In that world the management roles are reserved for the ‘chosen few’. Then corporate leadership is reserved for the anointed of the baal world. Entrepreneurs no longer sidestep that system to create their own success. They must contend with that world and allow their life’s work, the product of their minds, to be put in the service of that world. What people accomplish with their minds must be with the vipers or for them. This was not always the case. But nowadays everyone and everything must be in service of the rulers of the world.

What follows describes the determining factors for advancement in the corporate world. But the conditions are similar in all areas of American society. Several factors determine where people end up in American society: where the vipers want to put them, what influences come to them for that, how they react to these influences, their own aspirations, motivation, determination, ability to achieve them. In addition, in today’s world, one is only allowed to achieve in exchange for submission to the vipers. Advancement and success are strongly contingent upon zeal for or allegiance to them. Specifically, vipers select the ‘chosen few’ those invited to the management club, mostly for docility or ‘service’ rendered to them, sometimes for other reasons, e.g. how they could be used for goals of the baal world.

What vipers did to derail the achiever’s career revealed unspoken rules about achievement in corporate America. She was Systems and Release Manager in a group developing a product for one of the company’s vertical industries. This was a job title she requested after being at the company almost a decade. The title was very explicit of her responsibilities. She subsequently requested a similar title for a job she briefly held in a different department before leaving the company. The viper with petty jealousy was a middle manager with the job title of Director in a department for a different vertical industry. Word came to him about the different projects she had completed in her department and he became jealous of her job performance. In his mind, all this was drawing attention to his lack of performance. He was also concerned that she would be promoted to be Director like him. He could not tolerate that a ‘monkey’ reach his level and was aware of the fact that she did not ferry the requisite vipers to be one of the chosen few. To fix that problem for himself he resorted to the usual corporate politics. Her colleagues, who until then knew how essential her role, were brainwashed to feel threatened by her success. They went as far as declaring the product mature and closed to replace her role with a lesser one. This proves how dumbing the influence of vipers in the corporate world. A software product group declares that they no longer need the only staff in a software engineering role because the product had reached maturity!

After having maneuvered to trick her out of her role, the jealous viper followed her for years slandering her, publicizing what he claimed were her ambitions to crash the management club. The ridicule and amusement she got among head hunters and around the corporate world confirms that there is a secret rule about who gets into that club. Only for doing her job well and for requesting a job title that reflected her responsibilities she was singled out in the baal world. Mediocre boot-lickers responded to the vipers by accusing her of having unreasonable ambitions and by relaying lies that defamed her and destroyed her career.

Vipers seem to take advantage of the game around the achiever’s life to target other Blacks around her family. One relative, a female architect, saw her career end when she had to stay home to care for a child with a severe birth defect, one of the human sacrifices of the game. Another female architect was targeted with law enforcement and the correctional system for years and got a ‘new start’ at a minimum wage job at a grocery store. Apparently, her own spouse brought this on her for alleged domestic issues. Another relative, a female executive with an MBA from Syracuse, was brought down the corporate ladder. At one point she looked to get a real estate license instead. Throughout the game vipers kept close attention on other achievers in the family, an MD, an engineer, and others.

Here is a story reflecting barriers to advancement in America. One evening the achiever spent the night at a youth hostel, another adventure from the disruption brought into her life by the vipers. At breakfast the next day she met an aspiring entrepreneur who was conducting business at his corner of the cafeteria table. Why was he at a youth hostel instead of a hotel? What could be the reason why he could not rent office space for an hour at one of the executive suites readily available in the area? In some of the conversation she overheard it seemed like the man was not doing well enough yet to afford any of this. He seemed to be struggling to build something in spite of that world. The entrepreneurial spirit is probably still alive and well in America. However, there are forces actively working against it.

Chapter 11. Making An Honest Dollar

The petty jealous baal viper sent the achiever to the financial underworld of America in his goal to debase her. She got to meet with shady businessmen who took a big chunk of her home equity. There are many scam franchises in America where crooks gladly take tens of thousands of your hard-earned money for what they claim are turnkey businesses that will lead you to financial independence. With scam businesses the achiever was brought down from her professional MIT graduate status to mingle and associate with hustlers and be seen as one of them. Once such business was a web marketing franchise based in Florida that cost her 30K initially but ended up taking over 60K of her home equity. The other was a ‘customized’ vitamin multi-level marketing scheme based in New Hampshire. Another was a franchise for processing credit card transactions. US courts have since caught up with two of them. The franchise went out of business. The vitamin cons were able to sell their business to a Canadian company. Both were sent to her by the baal vipers. Both seem to be a cover for devil worship. The cons behind these businesses got to line their pockets while luring the achiever into the dark side of America.

Scam franchises and multi-level marketing scams are not the only businesses that legally defraud people of their hard-earned money. In America the baal vipers consider it a sin if you do not carry a balance on your credit card. They found the achiever debt-free and more than made up for it with credit card debt that ate up a significant percentage of her home equity. Does it sound honest to you for a credit card company to charge interest of over 25% while banks have lowered interest earned on savings from around 6% in the eighties to less than 1% today? On the subject of banks, consumers seem to tolerate the most ridiculous fee structures: fees for going over the limit for number of transactions, fees for inactivity, fees for speaking to a teller, for calling customer service. Then there are banks that charge daily fees for overdrafts. One bank charged interest on the loan for the franchise that made a 30K balance on 2001 become 50K by 2003. No one seems to protest what is obvious theft.

There are also financial scheme to prey on the poor and the vulnerable. Before the 2008 crisis there were companies willing to lend you one month’s mortgage payment that you could repay over ten years with interest of thousands of percent. You might have also heard of pay-day loans that charge similar interest with fees of over a hundred dollars for each loan.

If you find yourself unemployed and searching for a way to make a living steer clear of these scams that are out to rob you. What is in this for you is not a living but the stigma of having associated with cons after they defrauded you.

Chapter 12. The Debt Trap

Debt is the favorite scheme used by the devil’s children to chain down lives. In America they get you started early on debt with college loans. Liberal Arts students graduate with tens of thousands of dollars of debt. For graduates in Law and Medicine the debt burden is in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. America makes no attempts at redesigning higher education to make it more affordable and to allow students to work and pay for their education in steps. But the system makes it easy for students to get loans to get them into the system. This is a blatant evil in American society that no one protests.
Mortgages have always been the highest debt for most Americans. The only difference today is that most are not likely to pay-off their home. People are encouraged to take out home equity lines of credit, or auto-loans. Retirees are enticed to get reverse mortgages. All of this to tighten the financial noose. No one seems worried about it. The 2008 crisis should have been a warning sign for people to avoid mortgages they could not afford. Was anyone listening?

The next highest debt for Americans is credit card debt. Americans are encouraged to buy on credit to build a credit history and get a credit score from the vipers. That credit score is an artificial number invented by the vipers to control different aspects of your life: whether you have access to homeownership, whether you could rent at a high standard housing complex. The information that goes into calculating your credit score is arbitrary. For example, your driving record might be used. Why are Americans so docile about what is being done to them with the credit score?

After the devil’s vipers caused the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, they attempted to get poor Haitians on the debt treadmill with mortgages on pre-fabricated shacks. This illustrates the importance the vipers attach to debt in societies they wish to control. In America people should realize the perverse debt system that was designed to ensnare them and be judicious in their use of credit. Particularly, they should avoid debt that they could control such as credit card debt and pay their balance in full every month.

Debt was one of the most important ways that the vipers used to destroy the achiever. They found her debt free. She had paid her way through MIT with a weekend job. She carried no balance on her credit card. She managed to sidestep the system and vipers more than made up for it by forcing her into long-term unemployment to use her IRA to pay her $90,000 mortgage for five years. That was long enough to wipe out the $260,000 equity in her condominium with the loans she had taken out. Vipers factor debt as an important way to erase net worth when they put someone through their flooring mechanism.

Chapter 13. Nation Building

Cultural revolution

Since the vipers arrived in Haiti in 2001 life changed never to be the same.  Wherever they rule these vipers redesign cultures.  They changed how Haitians speak their own language.  Whether in French or Creole people do not speak plainly to convey an idea.  Vipers choose their words for them to hiss evil, utter curses or maledictions, or speak word patterns useful for baal games.  This makes for awkward if not confounded speech.   For example produce vendors that go by the neighborhood used to say: ‘there are onions, potatoes, and carrots’.  Now they say: ‘ask for (or worse beg for) onions, potatoes, and carrots’.  In Creole the word for ‘there are’ is ‘gin’; the word for ‘ask’ is ‘mande’ and it is the same for ‘beg’ as panhandlers do.   Several vendors might come by throughout the day sounding the same way.  You might have seen this trend in America about the way people write and speak.  The word choices indicate patterns that are useful to hiss.  This is probably true for other languages. 

The French language changed over the last decade.  The children of the devil used to give Americans an inferiority complex about the French.  The reason was not rudeness.  The French mind resisted the hissing because of what it does to the elegance and the cleverness of their language.  The vipers resented that and created both fascination and ridicule for the French language in their world.  But now they have brought down that resistance and hiss in French.  The French nowadays do not mind sounding as stupid and awkward as all the other hissing mouthpieces for the vipers. 

The cultural revolution the vipers bring has an inbound direction and an outbound direction.  In the inbound direction words are repurposed as seen above or are imported from the baal world.  Note that one import from America to Haiti was to reduce people to word patterns. They are brought into games because of the sounds in their names that might be useful for games of evil. What happens in America with this was revealed in the people sent along for the evils vipers intended: Vernon (in French: no green), Candida, Cindy, Bond, Lopez, Haus (house), Pechorin (in French: péché or sin) In the outbound direction words from the culture are sent back to the baal world, usually as sound patterns.  Exports from Haiti to the baal world will be described next.


Haiti exported to the baal world the word ‘mande’ which makes the same sound as ‘Monday’.  Another word is ‘de’ for the number two which makes the sound ‘they’. The baal world uses the number two for making soul chains. It also exported the word ‘fou’ that makes the sound ‘foo’ for crazy, and also the word ‘cob’ for money. The word ‘more’ is another export. It makes the French for ‘mort’ or dead. Haitians also exported the word ‘expedition’ which means a gang of stalking spirits. The baal world uses the car make to play games with this word.
Vipers imported for the world a not so clever pattern from the Haitians: a whip makes the sound ‘wash!’.   Guess what you do now with your appliances?  From the games played around that pattern you hear stories of people putting children through a spin cycle. The actual Creole word for a whipping is ‘cal’.  Now your calendars and calculators do the same voodoo as your washer, dishwasher… Your oven in Haitian Creole is ‘fou’ this is the same word that is used for ‘crazy’. Who knows what the vipers do now when you use your oven. When vipers hiss with these games the result is not harmless.

Hats in French are ‘chapeau’ and make the ‘po’ sound-pattern.  It might bother you to hear what your baseball caps have become: ‘caskets’ from the French ‘casquette’.  Baseball caps are now an alternative to the ‘box’ pattern that the vipers use for coffins. Pretty much any sound, found in any language, anywhere in the world, that makes a useful pattern, can be used to hiss evil.  You can imagine what this will do in the baal world as people get zeal for prosperity.  Talk about bringing down language barriers!

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