Bold Thoughts

Kindling minds with untold realities revealed…

Part 1. When Evil Comes To Town


From God No Longer Welcome

Chapter 1. Observing Holy Days

The Day of the Lord

The devil’s vipers have designated Sunday as the day for their servants to show zeal and flaunt their defection from Jesus.  As the devil’s children they must invert the day of the Lord to designate it as a day of evil. There are prizes to be earned for evil done on that day.  Pharisaics commit iniquity at a faster rate.  They are bold and zealous in the evil they do.   Haitian opportunists show a higher level of activity for the vipers on Sunday.  The designated targets for these ‘observances’ are the elderly widow and her daughter.  On Sunday, zealous opportunists are enticed to set them up, harm them, accuse them of sins, and do evil to them to earn prizes.  These zealous opportunists typically use Sunday to stalk the elderly widow as taskmasters driving her to do chores.  Then they accuse her daughter of having wronged her for working her so hard.  The idea is for people to do evil to the achiever with the vipers for the work they drive the elderly widow to do. They think themselves clever for having prevented the widow from getting a maid to set this up. On that same Sunday these opportunists might have a day laborer show up to do laundry.  This creates an excuse for the vipers and their zealous opportunists to accuse the widow and her daughter of having done injustice.  That laborer deliberately showed up on Sunday instead of another day.  This creates an opportunity for her to show zeal for the vipers.  The widow and her daughter did not invite her to their table and she was not served her food on fine china. 
Workmen of all types creep around the widow’s home for games: iron workers, door makers, masons, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, yard sweepers… The devil’s vipers arrived in Haiti with no intention to improve anyone’s lot.  But they had every intention to use the social structure and pit opportunistic scums against respectable people.  They made demons out of opportunists too willing to buy a lie that evil brings prosperity.  They put in pathetic chained minds ideology to cover evil, just like they did elsewhere else. Haiti is experiencing its own ‘Bolshevik revolution’ with baal games.  Just like happened in Russia people are taking what does not belong to them while claiming to equalize society and correct injustice. 
Recent history has shown a deceptive and bold mentality from the children of the devil to claim that they are better able than Christians to create a just society.  This recurs in today’s world where the self appointed rulers, the oppressors, the creators of poverty pretend to be on a mission to rid the world of it.  This is an expression of a minset of ‘contraversion’, a tendency to present evil as good and good as evil. The truth is they are playing the same old games in the minds of the world.  They divert attention from the real evil, themselves, to invent an evil: having more is automatically an injustice done to those who have less.  They encourage the less privileged to hate, covet, envy and justify any means that would reverse the distribution of wealth in their favor.  They found in Haitian society a fertile ground to foster evil.  Imagine if in America people claimed that you did injustice to them because you own a home, because of the car you drive, or because you have a university education.  In Haiti the vipers found chained minds with that mentality and fueled that evil.  Haitians are obsessed with the lives of those more fortunate. They make excuses to be in or creep around your home. They look to have their functions where you live. They take their pictures in front of your home or car to send to people around the world. They look for opportunities to ride in your car. These chains of vice are so strong that after having achieved success in America people are still in them. One Haitian living in the Boston area visited Haiti and instead of staying with his relatives’ home, he stayed with the widow. Besides using this as an opportunity to show zeal for the vipers, with what he did to her while being at her home, his own family’s home was not good enough for him. Another Haitian insisted on riding the achiever’s Saab instead of a different car while visiting from out of town, in spite of having her own car.

The devil and his children show their hatred for the human race through oppression.  In Haiti, the poor, out of jealousy, oppress one another and anyone vulnerable to their chains.  They are concerned about anyone getting ahead of them in life.  Then their leaders whose minds are chained to idiocy for being in that environment do not create enough opportunity for the average Haitian to prosper.  These Haitians ignore the evils they do that bind down.  They do not hold accountable incompetent leaders.  They stupidly believe that what they do out of jealousy, envy, covetousness, will lead them to prosperity.  Who is behind those chains?  The devil and his children.  They prowl about the world looking to ruin souls and ruin lives.  They sometimes buy people with prizes that do not cost them anything to achieve that goal.  You might be surprised to learn that the chains of jealousy that bind Haiti down are surfacing in America among the dissatisfied, in the same petty ways.  These chains of jealousy could be for similar things: homeownership, cars, college education.  Or they could be about wanting to keep up with those better off.  Or they could be about envying the fabulously wealthy.  Americans do not love their celebrities as much as the media claim.

The more vipers empower malfeasants the more these will use their might to act on their evil inclinations.  An America, a world, emptied of Jesus and of His teachings will not be freer or more prosperous.  But the devil’s vipers claim just that as they empty Christian churches of any real spiritual substance, of any morals, of Jesus Himself, to substitute superficial philanthropy, and a new ‘social religion’. 

Feast days

Just as the devil’s vipers have repurposed Sunday for evil mongering, they do the same with feast days and holy days.  They sometimes choose Catholic Marian feast days to play their games with the Catholic achiever.  Vipers are also increasingly using the feast day of the Immaculate Conception, December 8, for their observances. Most importantly they choose Christmas to demand zeal and create activity among Pharisaic servants and demon Catholics.  Watch what happens near you and around the world during Christmas.  The Haitians were given a baptism into the baal world January 12, 2010, around the feast day of the Baptism of the Lord, with an earthquake that took hundreds of thousands of lives according to their government. Vipers add to these observances from other religions.  Keep track of what happens around Purim, end of February to March; Gulf wars I and II happened then.  The widow’s unborn grandson was sacrificed in the womb, two weeks before his due date around Purim 2001.  Also keep track of Rosh Hashanah, end of September to October: Steve Jobs went to heaven then.  The long gone Haitian soul left for heaven in October.  Vipers sent the achiever to relocate to California around Rosh Hashanah 2006. It was also around Rosh Hashanah that they had a dishonest company file a lawsuit against her.

Here is a sampling of world events around Purim. Violence broke out in the Ukraine in 2014. In 2015 terrorist attacks happened in Denmark, a Russian leader was assassinated, ISIS executed captives, a bombing attack happened in Nigeria. In 2016 scientists created a media frenzy from having heard black holes colliding to support a theory from Einstein. Here are events around Rosh Hashanah. In 2013 Aaron Alexis killed 12 people at the DC Navy yard. President Obama sought approval for military action in Syria. There were floods in Colorado, a fire on the New Jersey boardwalk, a hurricane in Mexico, an earthquake in Balushistan.

Gulf war I in 1991 and Gulf war II in 2003 on Purim.

Infoplease current events for Feb-Mar, Sep-Oct.

Infoplease current events for Feb-Mar, Sep-Oct.

Infoplease current events for Feb-Mar, Sep-Oct.

Chapter 2. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Children of the devil have minds that are very different from those of children of God.  To the vipers the ability to invent ways of doing evil is the ultimate sign of intelligence.  Their IQ is all about multiplying the evil they do.  A devil’s viper with petty jealousy for the achiever’s job performance destroyed her career.  He was a bigot concerned that this ‘monkey’, an expression he sent around the baal world to refer to her, would be promoted and get to his level.  He used baal games to keep her unemployed and sent her back home to Haiti to play more games with her among Haitians opportunists.  In their zeal for vipers, these malfeasants debase her for him, motivated by the mentality described earlier.  Vipers empowered them to stalk her with conceit.  Too often they play with her body in abominable ways.  A brute devil’s viper, one so evil that he could not keep a woman, was brought into the game to do abominations to her.  He apparently specializes this and must have been asked to train the Haitians. These learned from vipers to play games of fake righteousness.  They busy themselves around her home to milk her widow mother for money.  Then they claim that they work and she does not and sins for it.   Vipers not only taught them to look for or invent sin, they also taught them to do evil as a result.  From this, every meal the achiever eats, since she’s been unemployed for years, becomes an excuse for evil.  

The opportunists not only go at the achiever, they are also on a mission with the widow.   You saw what they do on Sundays.  They play this sort of game with her throughout the week.  Their task with the chores is to chain her spirit for vipers who do not want her to keep Jesus.  As she does chores they accuse her daughter of sins: a lazy sloth sits around as the elderly widow wears herself out.  Vipers and their malfeasants make excuses to do evil to the achiever for the work they drive the widow to do. They were the ones who wickedly prevented the widow from hiring a maid who could earn a living while helping with the work. This scheme is the most popular baal game in the life of the achiever.  Haitian opportunists come from everywhere to get their chance at prosperity from vipers in this game.  Haitians have come from as far away as New York and France to get in on this game. Remember vipers were the ones to end the achiever’s career to make her unemployed, until she was forced to return to Haiti.  As if the evil were not obscene enough, while they drive the widow to do chores, they play with her thoughts.  They deflect her mind from what they are doing to her and make her think of her middle age daughter. The widow did not teach her well enough.  She should make her work and help debase her for the jealous petty devil’s viper.  She should help her daughter by making her give in to the vipers.   The scum Haitians love to make the widow upset with all of this on Sunday.  They have caused her frightening anguish with this game on several occasions.  

The Haitian opportunists who play with the widow’s spirit were empowered for that with sacrilegious baal abilities.  One of them is a pious schoolmarm who’d say 1000 Hail Mary in one afternoon once a month.  She tends to be the ringleader for the Sunday observances.  This is her day to lead by showing zeal in playing with the lives of the widow and her daughter in the ways described.  She went as far as forcing the widow to support her maid’s infant, deceiving her into thinking that the vipers would reward this social work.  Her maid is one of the malfeasants milking and playing the widow.  That schoolmarm used the child to make chains and even involved the sacraments of the Catholic Church in her sacrileges.  There is also a demon priest who took advantage of the widow’s trust to bind her for the vipers with her piety.  Vipers use him along with the schoolmarm to come to her as impostor spirits, impersonators of the real Holy Spirit.  In the games around the widow and her daughter there are three different demon priests, two demon nuns, pious church ladies, and people involved in the parish,.  They are motivated by greed, spiritual corruption, or for a few by the same vices that bind Haitian minds.  Then there are the jealous, envious, covetous shanty town opportunists.  They pretend to teach the widow humility to help her placate the vipers.   They harm and play her for prizes that vipers promised but pretend to help her navigate that world.  They are full of jealousy and resentment and are too happy to sacrifice both the widow and her achiever daughter to the vipers.  If you consider what vipers have done around these two women, you realize that children of the devil sin on a different level.   The story of these women is about how far one devil’s viper took his petty jealousy.

Chapter 3. Fiendish Minds

Inventing Evil

Vipers and their zealous servants deflect minds from the evil they do to invent a contrived fictitious sin.  Then they designate a villain as the perpetrator to harm him or her.  Here is a scenario describing that iniquity.  Zealous opportunists working for the vipers caused anguish to the widow by playing with her thoughts as usual.  She was singing to show her sadness.  Then they made her daughter look like the one who sinned and wronged her for not conversing with her about what was bothering her.  This is a very typical scheme that the vipers have invented for those who serve them.  They do evil directly or through their agents.  Then they use warped values to make someone else the sinner in that evil, using arguments like what people did or did not do about it.  As they occupy minds with these arguments they deflect attention from the fact that they did evil not someone else.  They bring up in their world the alleged sin of the designated villain to offer opportunity to their servants to do evil.  These could show zeal and participate in the evil by declaring a sin.  The most ambitious take this into their own hands by doing evil to the designated sinner.  Wickedness on that scale is obscenely evil.  This is one of many games of iniquity that American Christians have been playing with the devil’s vipers.   These games repel Jesus from among them.  Those who engage in them, instead of finding grace for repentance, reinforce their march down the path of evil.  People should learn about the games America plays with the vipers and prevent this in their own lives.  They must protect their minds from being chained to games iniquity.  Realize that these games are not about righteousness. They are in the service of evil, of the devil’s vipers.  No one fools God ever, certainly not with evil.

Bringing in the crowds

In the scheme described above the fellow called Mike seems to have a special role.  He followed the achiever across the world to play his part for the vipers.  Officially he is a stand-in for Jesus in the world ruled by the devil’s vipers.  But he has other roles.  He connects throngs of Catholic servants to games of iniquity.  When he is involved in bringing guilt on the innocent, he seems to have a gift to scale the iniquity to a certain level by connecting numbers of people to it, particularly Catholics.  The lack of scruples he and other Catholics show in playing these games with the vipers is astonishing and disgusting.

Fire extinguisher/savior

Mike does not pre-empt evil but he might be asked to show up to be seen cooling things down.  This is used to convince people that he is a savior.  But discerning minds should wonder why he did not prevent the evil.  If he is not mighty enough to do that he is not enough of a savior.  When he does the firefighting routine too much it becomes obvious that he is playing that game for the vipers.

Lack of appreciation

Mike also has this role: make grace seem unappreciated to stir demon Catholics.  Usually, after playing fire extinguisher, he might make demands seemingly intended for people to keep the grace: do not eat, do not go to the internet, stop what you were doing before, pray now…  If you do not obey he invites the demons back.  Then he points out that you had grace that you did not appreciate, grace that you thought was from Jesus but was from him.  This stirs anger among his zealous servant people who might use this as an excuse to show zeal to do evil for the vipers and add to the iniquity.

Chapter 4. The Ways of Evil

Helping the economy

Zealous servants of the vipers waste people’s resources: waste their money, make them buy, waste their utilities, damage their belongings…  Americans are taught to overcome their scruples by pretending to help the economy.  Haitians feed their jealousy and express an evil that already existed in their culture: make people spend as a way to hurt their pocketbook.

Silence is golden

Malfeasants and the vipers behind them love to use the stories we tell as an excuse to do evil.  They deliberately bring usually mundane information to you about their lives or about anyone.  Then they create opportunities for you to re-tell the story.  When you do they claimed you wronged them or someone with gossip, and they do evil to you.  Haitian opportunists have been bringing stories of their plight or aspirations to the widow to play that game with her.  A small boss CEO brought stories of his family, how he uses his sex life, to say that the achiever wronged his wife.  He demanded that vipers come to the game to avenge him.  Ethnic loyalty and avenging are important schemes useful to vipers in games of evil.  There are other stories that will tell you later what this small boss CEO did with these schemes.

Finger pointing

Vipers expect you to keep quiet about the evils they do to you.  Their wicked minds audaciously claim that you wrong them if you tell.  From there they make an excuse to do evil and it never ends.  Evil minds tend to work that way.   Anything and everything is useful to them to perform the only role they really have in the world: do evil at a rate and on a scale unknown to human beings.  They seem unaware that this is exactly what will destroy evil.  Evil will take over the world, and in the end, evil will destroy evil.

The thought that counts

Vipers create a lot of evil with jealousy, envy, covetousness.  The spirit in which you make gifts could also be useful to them for this.  Wanting back a gift is a sin that children of the devil exploit to do evil to both the giver and the receiver.  Malfeasants are sometimes motivated to make gifts in the wrong spirit knowingly, with the intent to bring evil.  A Haitian gave the widow a gift of eggs for the New Year.   An egg is a cheap coffin in the Haitian baal game.   A pious church lady gave the achiever a book that might have signified arrest.  Vipers can make evil out of anything. Unless a gift is odd or came out of nowhere you cannot be sure that it was given with evil intent.  But you can be careful with the gifts you make and avoid being used to bring evil on someone’s life.  Be sure to make your gifts in the right spirit, with generosity of heart.

Lead us not into temptation

In today’s world the tempter no longer hides.   We often know who they are who lead us into temptation.  Vipers themselves or their servants could use their chains to tell you to sin, provoke you to sin, make you want to sin, create for you occasions of sin, coerce you to sin.   These could be sins against God, neighbor, or self.  Vipers pretend that there is in this opportunity for the tempted to ‘grab the bull by the horn’ and show moral fiber.  There are several lies in this theory.  Vipers and their servants pretend to be working for God but He did not appoint them.   They pretend to make saints but they are destroying souls.   They pretend to be above sin but the fact is that they are chained to sin and evil.  They are controlled by them and cannot presume to have mastered them.

Chapter 5. Our Daily Bread

Back to basics

Vipers look at food as leverage.  Things have not changed much since satan tempted Jesus in the desert.   Who would have thought that in America, the land of plenty, people would be given concerns about being able to buy their own food, and that this would be used as a motivator to show zeal for the devil’s children, the self-appointed rulers of the world?  Well this is exactly what happens in this world.  Those who are oppressed are used as a psychological tool for scaring everyone else into submission.  Some do not give in easily and look to keep a sense of who they are.  Others surrender their identity and plunge headlong into evil to become malfeasants.  They are too chained to realize that this was not the deal they made.  They were enticed with promises of a little extra wealth, success or perhaps riches.  But now they must keep up the zeal to do evil if they do not want to become poor.  People must be honest now about the fears they face in America, about what bargain they got in trading their God for the devil’s vipers.  The devil’s children declare that to have food in this world people cannot get around them and must give up God, mind, body, soul, in exchange.  America should rethink helping the vipers appoint themselves rulers of nations, particularly since now the prize is no longer riches but only keeping a full pantry.

Free lunches

There are a lot of sinister games in America around food that are meant to earn you different ‘blessings’ or curses.  The guests in your body demand to be fed well for you to stay in their good graces.  Then there are games around free-food, full-priced food, discount-priced food, promotion or sale items.   Vipers invent these schemes to declare having claims on you and to pay themselves in kind.  Nothing is ever free.  Food stamps, aka food vouchers, are not free.  Buy one get one free are not free.  The free beverages, free fruits, free pantry, free lunches at work are not free.  That free dinner at a family member’s home is not free.  Vipers begrudge you the free meal you might get from a relative.  Let’s not mention the free food you might get from acquaintances who invite you to their table.  The logic is simple: to vipers everyone lives in their world and could only do that because the privilege was granted to them.  In that crooked logic, people and everything in their lives, including the food on their table, are attached to the vipers.  People and everything we have exist for the use of these impostors.  Vipers presume that for us to eat food anywhere they rule comes at a price: we must submit to them.  Beware of anything you eat for free.  The vipers are keeping tabs to pay themselves.

Mind your manners

We all know now that the invisible rulers of the world come to eat in us.   When they do they play petty games with our plate.  They give us their orders to take each mouthful, tell us when to stop, what to leave as food offering.  All of this while pretending that they help us avoid sin, and fools play along.  They select rules of etiquette to enforce when they want to do evil: who touched food with their hands, who ate from the far side of the plate, who took one last bite from the food offering…  There is not anything too small for them to play games or too low for them to play rulers of nations.

Food offerings

People tend to be so wasteful with food nowadays.   At corporate gatherings food is sometimes used as decoration, e.g. bottles of fruit juice at a conference table.  Then there are these meetings where food is on display but where anyone who actually eats stands out.  This makes you wonder what happens with the food at these meetings.   Food offerings are a form of service in the baal world.  It is often thrown away as a sacrifice.  The vipers are glad the food ends up in the trash instead of your belly.   When you eat the food after you offer it to them they eat it in you.  They do this anyway whether or not you offer it to them first.  Food offerings are not only done at meetings.  You also do them around your home.  You do this when you leave food around for a while on your countertops.  Even refrigerator shelves could be altars to the vipers.  Just leave the food uncovered. 

Another type of food offering is made for vipers to corrupt the food with unholy spirits.  Think about the clear packaging at grocery shops, and the clear containers at fast food stores.  Let’s not forget the buffet and salad bars.   The unholy baal spirits put in the food are useful to send vipers on a trip along your digestive track to bring their world dominance to your bodily functions.  From there they could stick around to mess with your soul.  What happens around food offerings in that world proves how easily the vipers could make American Christians forsake the ways of their God to revert to primitive pagan practices.  These vipers increasingly point out that this is where they have brought everyone.

Chapter 6. Life Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness

We are all experiencing to varying extents the bondage children of the devil are bringing to children of God in the world.  We got there because people bought the lies of vipers, their promises of riches, freedom, happiness.   We have always lived in a world where children of the devil lurked looking to corrupt us with their dark ways.   If I were to guess, I’d say that children of the devil since Jesus came into the world only got to overtake children of God again in the 18th century.   You could verify in your knowledge of world history when and where people were being emancipated from faith in God.  However, the baal games that vipers have been playing with their servants are fairly recent and their world dominance is something they have been flaunting at the world only since WWII.   In fact, the devil’s vipers knew to avoid Haiti until 2001.  How they ignored their previous concerns to arrive and rule that nation proves that evil controls them and not the other way around.   The world could learn from what happened to Haiti since 2001 something about the tactics of the vipers to arrive, take over and destroy societies. 
From nowhere the vipers arrive and unleash themselves on a people to corrupt and subvert.  They entice opportunists and malfeasants with promises of riches to hand their nation over to them, and use these opportunists to build a power base.  These will be agents to create a mystique for the vipers, to brainwash, scare, and oppress everyone into submission.  Vipers came from nowhere to appoint themselves rulers in Haiti.   They did not build anything and do not do any of the work.   Before them people lived their lives with the help of God.  As soon as those they enticed make them the new god in town, everything must be earned from them: where you live, what you drive, what you wear, what you eat, a right to a livelihood…  Then your life becomes all about them.  You and everything in your life exist for their use.  They use people and everything in the world to ferry themselves around to chain down souls.  Human beings become their creatures scheduled to go about ferrying them and hissing for them.   The vipers change people’s values and behaviors and corrupt them with new ways.   They redefine and distort family values, civic or social values, patriotism, group loyalty.  They reinterpret and warp religious teachings about love, mercy, humility…  They do this to create ways for people to do evil without qualms or scruples.   People might use your life or resources to do their philanthropy, as that 1000 Hail Mary schoolmarm did by forcing her maid’s infant on the elderly widow.  Zealous servants of the vipers equate their zeal with hard work.  They learned from the vipers to use patriotism, group or ethnic loyalty to create a corrupted form of solidarity where people knowingly do evil while claiming virtue for sticking together. Their fake patriotism is all about promises of prosperity from the vipers.  Patriots stick together to show zeal for the vipers. They hope in this way to bring prosperity to the nation.  Zealous servants of the vipers make patriotism incompatible with God.  To them people can only achieve prosperity with the vipers; their warped values are a good enough alternative to Christian grace.   When people fly two American flags atop of their car to make the devil’s horns they profess their patriotic choice for the devil.  What do people say with flags on their cupcakes, meat patties, or used as a table cover?  With the vipers they get a full belly.  In today’s America they can only be the land of plenty if they serve these satan’s spawns.  If the devil’s vipers could make Christian Americans give up love of God for love of nation they could do this anywhere.  Before getting to Haiti they went around the world doing just that. Look around at what happens in Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, and elsewhere.

Wherever they arrive the vipers also bring warped ideologies about justice, freedom, equality, all meant not to better lives but to subvert and undermine society.  In Haiti, domestics want the place of their employer, the lower class want to bring the others down to be on top.  The vipers maintain in Haitians a mentality where what people are or have is an automatic injustice done to them if it is more than what they are or have.   Those warped values are used to legitimize the evil mongering of jealous, envious, covetous opportunists whose souls were bound to the devil by these vices.  The result is a perverted, depraved, evil society where the greedy, the dumb and mediocre are empowered to enforce an oppressive scheme designed by children of the devil.  This is what the vipers have done among the Haitians.   Careful thinking could reveal to you what happened in America or elsewhere.  Warped values and warped ideologies are ways for the vipers to achieve these goals everywhere: chain people together with false loyalties, teach them to claim to have been wronged, and create for them excuses to do evil.  The goal is to bring everyone into bondage to the devil’s vipers.  These aim to bring warped thinking to as many as possible in the societies they disrupt.  In this way they establish a powerbase among those who follow them.  That powerbase is useful for the vipers to deprave, oppress, and destroy nations as they make themselves the new god in town.  Warped notions of freedom and equality have brought us to where we are in the debate about transgenders in public restrooms.  What better way to illustrate the disruptive, corrupting influence the vipers have in societies where they appoint themselves rulers?  The transgender debate is bringing to the surface now a longstanding trend.  Warped ideologies of freedom, equality have been undermining America for decades.  And the same could be said for every nation where the vipers establish their dominance.  Throughout these stories there is information about how the devil’s vipers leave their destructive mark on people, societies, and the world.

Chapter 7. To The Ends Of The Earth

Perhaps you are wondering how the devil’s vipers came to Haiti.  They did not come on ships from Europe in 1492, or else they went away and did not come back until 2001.  What made them ignore that they did not want to be in Haiti was as mundane as the jealousy and arrogance of small bosses in corporate America.  You read about the small boss with petty jealousy for the achiever’s job performance.  He was also a conceited devil’s viper, a bigot, paranoid about a ‘monkey’ getting promoted to his level.  He lacked the clout to bring down the baal world on the achiever but knew someone who had the connections for this.  By conniving and manipulating the achiever into career wrecking moves, he sent her to cross paths with a small boss CEO at a 30+ person software company in the year 2000.  This executive does human sacrifices.  Since 2001 he’s been sacrificing the achiever along with several of her family members.  This small CEO sacrificed the achiever’s nephew in the womb two weeks before his due date in 2001.   The child would have been the long gone Haitian soul’s only male grandchild.  The small CEO did not want his name to live on and was sacrificing that in addition to taking a life in the womb.  Several souls around the achiever’s life were dispatched to kingdom come, most of them with unexpected illness: uncles, cousins, godfather, friends.  The small CEO’s baal game sacrificed Steve Jobs in 2002 and took his life in 2011.  Jealousy might have had something to do with the fact that the baal world sacrificed someone of his stature for stupid word games.  It could also be that he looked to keep his own mind in that baal world. 

The small boss sacrifices human beings to get CEO jobs at third rate small companies.   He does not stay long enough to work hard to build them up.   His ‘talent’ is in packaging them to sell to fools.  For this he needs witchcraft and more human sacrifices.   For his human sacrifices he could destroy someone’s net worth, career, etc…  He could interfere with the peace of souls gone from this world.  He could use the soul of a widow in evil games.  He could take the life of a baby in the womb to make him stillborn.  He could interfere with the conception of a child in the womb for her to be born with a birth defect.   He could corrupt souls to turn them into demons.  He could bring calamity to an entire area of the world and wipe out a few lives, as happened with the Haiti earthquake of 2010.  That small boss did all of this since 2001.  To him the achiever was an opportunity for human sacrifice.  So was her Haitian father’s soul long gone from this world, whose love for Jesus and for the Catholic faith a viper resented.  So was his widow who the same viper did not want to keep love for Jesus.  These three souls were sent to the small boss CEO as human sacrifices. 

Vipers have a scheme where they reuse each other’s evils.  This small boss made up lies to bring down the baal world on the achiever to undo her life in America.  Then he hounded her in her native land, Haiti, to sacrifice her, her parents, along with thousands of Haitians.  What he did was about evil, selfishness, greed, and grand ambitions.   That small CEO calculated that he could personally take a nation from Jesus and claim it for the devil.  He could make human sacrifices on a grand scale.   He could gain dominance in the baal world for his efforts.  He brought a baal game to America in 2001 then brought the game to Haiti and changed that nation forever.   He changed the culture, changed the people, introduced them to baal games to sacrifice them as well as those they would play in those games.  The baal spirits arrived in Haiti for this in 2001 for that nation never to be the same.  A small CEO brought the baal world to Haiti when they should have known better than to come.   But now they are there doing the same evils that brought corruption and oppression everywhere else in the world.  This story sounds incredible but is true.  One devil’s viper was enough to bring evil to an entire nation.

It is very surprising that the baal world allowed a mediocre small CEO like this one to hijack them with a game.  That game changed life in Haiti but also everywhere in the baal world. In their world it seems the one who does the most human sacrifices gains in rank to control others. This small CEO by deceiving the baal world to play his game managed to claim the most human sacrifices to gain enough rank to rise to the top of the pyramid scheme of evil. Because of this he controls the baal and leads the minds that rule the world. For the baal world to regain control from him, they would have to stop his game. They are too attached to their evils to do that long enough to regain control. This shows that evil controls the baal spirits not the other way around.   Since the year 2001, the world has been at the mercy of a mediocre small boss with grand ambitions to be the only god this side of Heaven at the expense of everyone in the baal world.

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