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From God No Longer Welcome

Much happens in today’s world that no one is willing to talk about.  Who took over America?  Who ousted God and told Him He was no longer welcome?  Whose world is it?  What are people expected to do for a right to a life?  How do people really live in America?  No one speaks out about the children of the devil who ousted God, took over, and destroyed the American way of life.  This is an attempt to bring out in the open what no one dares to say.  This is not at all an in depth analysis of American society but brief thoughts on a wide variety of topics. 

We live in a world taken over by the devil and his children.  Throughout history they have shown a tendency to invent schemes where children of God to submit to them.  These schemes involve group souls, false gods, false spirituality that leads to bondage to the devil. In times past the devil and his children invented group souls called baal. The same today is simply called ‘me’, a very revealing name.  The god in the background is always the same, a composite spirit made up of the devil’s children.  This false god who sometimes impersonates Jesus Himself, is the new god in town to whom everyone must submit and who rules the world until the devil is revealed. Because of this the world has become a baal world where baal games are played in service of baal spirits who are the false god.  The stories told here are about the false gods and the games they play.  These stories are presented as topics and are in no chronological order. 

People came into the story either for having been sent along on a mission by the devil’s children, for having been in the vicinity of those targeted by these them, or for having been brought by the mind chains of the baal world.

We begin with happens on the day of the Lord.

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