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From God No Longer Welcome

God No Longer Welcome was written from the perspective of a Haitian who lived in America almost thirty years, became an  American citizen, before being forced to go back home by vipers.  What is described begins in Haiti.   These are true stories meant to illustrate what happens wherever the vipers appoint themselves rulers, in America, Haiti, or elsewhere.  The stories reveal something of those who took over the world, the agents of darkness, the games they play among children of God, and what happens to those drawn into them. 

The persons in the stories include:

  • A Haitian soul, long gone from this world, who clings to love for Jesus over 20 years after the devil’s children have been tormenting him to let go.
  • His elderly widow.  The devil’s children do not want for her to keep Jesus as well as her husband did.  They thought to work on that as soon as she became a widow.  What she was put through was meant to lead her to let go of her God.
  • Their daughter, a middle age quashed achiever, an MIT graduate, repressed in her aspirations.  She was made the target of evil in corporate America by a child of the devil out of petty jealousy.  She is also a devout Catholic.
  • Haitian malfeasants zealous in the service of the devil’s children who in little over a decade ago landed in Haiti to declare themselves rulers.  These Haitians are from all walks of life: a pious 1000 Hail Mary schoolmarm, demon priests, demon nuns, demon church ladies, workmen, shanty town opportunists.  They all behave like devils.  Not all Haitians are like them but the devil’s children recruited them for having the worse of the Haitian mentality.
  • Americans, young and old, who gave up their self-respect, values, IQ to show zeal for the devil’s children to be malfeasants, devils themselves.  They are mostly people from the corporate world, from third-rate startups.  But there is also a Catholic church lady, a Protestant organist church woman, a store manager, an employment recruiter, a university professor, a devil worshiping shaman who showed up as a speech coach, devil worshipers from a multilevel marketing scam, and others.
  • Pharisaic enforcers of righteousness from America, zealous baal servants, usually demon Catholics.  The name baal was deliberately made obsolete to facilitate imposture and the worship of false gods for fake Christians like them. These zealous servants were sent to cross paths with the achiever.  The devil’s children have taught games, baal games, to formerly God-fearing Americans for them to make excuses to do evil.  They pretend to punish sinners.  No one knows the number involved behind the scene in a given game.
  • Mike, an indentured servant to the devil’s children, a stand-in for Jesus to everyone else.   He has ‘gifts’ from them that enable him to play different roles in their games including God substitute, tyrant, tempter, divider, instigator, tormenter, enforcer, elicitor of thoughts and behaviors…   He usually brings into the games Catholic servants of the vipers.
  • The devil’s children, devil’s vipers, devils themselves, satan’s spawns, baal spirits, agents of darkness, demons, impostors, predators, corrupters of nations, destroyers of souls, bent on erasing Jesus, His teachings, His goodness, His peace from the world.  No one knows how many are behind the games.  But a good number have revealed their identity:  a troll small boss CEO with grand ambitions to rule the world, a small boss middle manager with petty jealousy for the Haitian achiever, a brute brought for his beastly nature, mediocre devil’s vipers from mostly small software companies (programmers, small bosses), multi-level marketing cons, a shady franchise businessman, an executive coach, celebrities, rabbis…  All have an appetite for evil, are swift to rush to evil, and attempt to cover this with ethnic loyalty and by posturing as adversaries to Jesus.
  • Innocent people passing through from everywhere around the world, religious and lay people alike, who risk being ensnared in this web of evil.  These include former colleagues and a former employer.


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