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Recapping the Modus Operandi

We will end now by recapping the modus operandi of the devil’s vipers.  The devil is their god.   They declare themselves chosen or an elite breed when they are in fact a load on mankind, a curse on the world. They deceive, corrupt, oppress, and destroy. They are impostors who presume to be rulers of nations, destined to bring a new civilization to the world, who will ‘outwit, outlast, outplay’ God to make the world theirs.   All of this barely hides the fact that they are scapegraces, inferior souls for being of the devil.  They are his children but also his animals.   Their most recognizable characteristics are: a. ‘inversion’ repurposing what is about God for the devil, b. ‘contraversion’, making evil good and good evil, and c. ‘contrajunction’, combining or yoking opposites, chaining Christianity to Hebrew religion, or putting two opposite ideas, light and darkness, in the same thought, for example. Obscenely evil people become teachers of righteousness. Abominable creatures become models of holiness. Idiocy is a trait that characterizes them well.  They have tentacular minds and behaviors where they reach for and involve as many people as possible to harm with evil.  The pattern mentality they bring will drive the world backward. So will the double-talk, double-speak, double-entendre propagated by their depraved minds and that they mistakenly think reflects intelligence. This by itself will lead the world into end of time confusion. It is more important for them to hiss words with double meaning than to speak plainly, in truth, and make sense. Everything they say and do is meant to achieve the purposes of evil. Imagine a colleague at work conversing with someone for you to hear in order to curse your life with his words. He has tickets for the ‘luxury box’ at Foxboro stadium for a New England Patriots game. These seemingly mundane words were about death and a coffin and perhaps were also giving motivation for doing the evil. Imagine a world where everyone’s speech does this because of the presence of vipers in them.

In their conceit vipers despise God. They posture as enemies of Jesus Christ. Lying for them is an essential mental function. It is useful to them to harm souls and to create evil. Their warped deceitful minds tend to accuse people of their own vices and sins. They parade their evils to the world but force a double-standard, one for them one for everyone else, for people to look the other way. They also tend to deceive you to blame others for the evil they or the devil do to you. This is another tactic for them to make more evil. Their games are intended to make souls lead either to rebellion or despair. For this they might back you up against a wall or trap you with impossible choices.

Vipers hold an intense hatred for children of God for being so aware of who they are in comparison.  That hatred along with their enmity for God comes to them from the devil who unleashes them on the world to ensnare and bring souls down to their level.  All of the posturing comes from one base instinct: knock souls down from their status as children of God to satisfy their jealousy and to anger God.  They resort to a number of schemes to achieve this goal.  They have appropriated and reprogrammed the entire world to chain minds. Technology, relationships, religion, products, every aspect of living in a society was corrupted for this purpose. Wherever there is an opportunity they pervert souls with vices, warped thinking, pharisaism, deceptive ideology, invented spirituality. They target souls to make them either devils or their objects.  The goal for both is to make them give up that special grace, what puts them above satan’s spawns and bring them into bondage and submission to the devil and his children. These do not only intend to debase and enslave the human race they also want to take the place of God and be worshiped. People should be aware that playing along in the baal games will only lead to that hell. It has already become difficult to worship the real God while keeping goodness and truth.

To make devils the vipers deceive, scare, entice, and corrupt mediocre souls with promises of gains, with illusions of power.  They empower them with gifts for them to feel like members of a club to rule the world.  All the while they make them give up their mind, soul, self-respect, human dignity, grace, to submit to the devil’s animals and become like them. These devils tend to have divided minds. They are overzealous bootlickers to the vipers but tyrants or masters to the other group of souls. What is ironical is that the vipers could not conquer the world without them. They are the ones forging the chains of their servitude to the vipers and the devil and that of the whole world. They tend to be the ones most willing and eager to be like the vipers in their posturing and in their vices.

To make objects of the devil, the vipers target people with evil in various aspects of their lives, hound them, put them through indignities.   This group of souls is not as inclined as the devils to be like the vipers. But they are just as vulnerable to all sorts of schemes vipers could use to warp their minds and lead them away from being the children of God they were meant to be. Particularly they are vulnerable to false humility that could lead them to perverse bondage relationships to vipers and their devils.

Both categories end up beneath the dignity that being a child of God had given them.  Vipers want for the first category to give up God and His grace willingly and speedily.  They hope to wear out the second category to let go through despair.  The first category seal their fate.   But the second should remember that God will get them out of the devil’s clutches if they do not give up.  

Vipers have minds captive to and controlled by evil.  They look for as many ways as possible to do evil.  There is a form of programming in their minds that comes from the devil.  Those who are deceived by the attraction to evil are reprogrammed to become like them.  They are no longer capable of goodness, everything about them from that point on is in the service of evil.

As you journey through this world remember that God’s grace is what gives you dignity.  The devil and his children have been waging a longstanding war on the human race.  You need God to win the fight.  Keep the faith to keep God.  Do not submit to the vipers, do not give in.  Your enemies know too well what is at stake:  your very soul, the light of God that made your existence worth anything.

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