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From God No Longer Welcome

As rulers of the world gain in dominance the world will increasingly reflect their ways and not those of children of God. The latter were overtaken by children of the devil. People of different faiths did not do enough to keep goodness, truth, light in the world. History keeps repeating itself. God come to a people, speaks to them, invites them to walk with him. The devil seduces them, leads them away from God for them to change allegiances and direct their worship at him. This happened before as we are told by the prophet Jeremiah (Jer 2). This is happening to Christians now. We are experiencing a phenomenon where the dredge of mankind is rising to the top as what used to be reasonably good, albeit mediocre human beings, join the ranks of apostates, liars, and stalking demons. Overzealous Christian peons show greater fervor in the service of the devil than vipers. For having handed their minds over to these impostors, they seem unaware of bringing themselves into a bondage from which Christ died to free them. Instead of availing of the salvation Christ earned for them, people oppose Him and His work in the world to chain themselves to evil. God is being dared to constantly fight His own people around us if He is to save us.

What lies ahead is a world increasingly evil and dark. Minds are chained to complacency with various psychological devices. People live in compartments where they are given an individualized view of the world. Going with the flow seems a smarter choice to them than being true to themselves. Fixing the world becomes someone else’s problem. They would only help if braver souls manage to turn things around. Meanwhile the enemies make progress taking the world where no sensible human being would ever want to be.

Evil in our world today should be a strong motivator adjust course. We cannot continue to idly watch while dark forces establish a destructive culture of lies. We cannot go along with being oppressed by idiocy and having the achievements of civilization rolled back. What the vipers have revealed with the Haitians should be a warning to people everywhere. Chains of evil are obstacles to prosperity and to self-realization. They bind down nations and lead to their decline. As concerned citizens and as people of God we must resist the pressures and keep our own minds. There are fears; oppressive structures have been established in the societies where we live. But our human intelligence must enable us to overcome these fears. We must devise the right defense mechanism in our minds. Our freedom to think is essential for us to counter and avert the destructive currents in our world today. God is still relevant, salvation is still relevant. We came from God, were born to return to Him. Christians in the days had healthy disgust for wickedness. Increased tolerance makes a great number unaware that they are headed for what is not tolerable for human beings. There is no acceptable alternative to striving for a life, a future with God.



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