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Group soul made up of the devil’s children and those in their service.  This could also be seen as a man-made composite deity for self-worship where the members confer on themselves special spiritual powers.  With these they travel in the spiritual world as baal spirits.

Captive Minds

Minds captive to and controlled by evil.  They look for as many ways as possible to do evil.  There is a form of programming in them that comes from the devil.   They are not capable of goodness, everything about them is in the service of evil.   Those who are deceived by the attraction to evil risk being reprogrammed to become like them.


Mental or spiritual interferences that hinder faculties and free-will or interfere with connection to God and to others.  There are different types of chains to cause different influences on individuals or groups.


Mechanism by which opposites are combined.  Two opposite concepts might be made compatible and combined in the same thought in a mental contrajunction.  Two groups with opposite values might artificially be brought together in a false alliance.


Mechanism by which good is made to be evil and evil is made to be good. Synonym of Inversion.

Diabolic Minds

See Captive Minds.

Enforcers of Righteousness

See Pharisaism.

Evil Minds

See Captive Minds.


Group of servants of evil sent to harm a soul.  They are also called stalking spirits.  Unlike baal spirits, who make their own god, these are chained servants.  See Baal.

False Righteousness

See Pharisaism.


A human being’s mind or body serving as vehicle for the devil’s children and their baal spirits.  See Baal.


Mechanism in the baal for destroying individuals socially, financially, and in other ways.


Capacity to make choices freely uncoerced, unhindered with no external influence.


The tendency to speak or write in word patterns with hidden meaning intended to play evil games.  People might hiss knowingly or might be used as mouthpieces for hissing through mind chains.


Mechanism by which what is holy is made to be evil, what is of God is made to serve the purposes of the devil. Synonym of Contraversion.


Situation where one soul dominates or influences the other’s volition, thoughts, or actions.


Chains that keep a soul in a loop where they seem powerless to escape.


Confounding alternate name for the baal composite soul.  See Baal.


Words, sounds, numbers, colors, thoughts, or behaviors that are associated with chains in the baal world.


False righteousness .  A legalistic mentality of rules and regulations where the goal is to declare that sin was committed and that punishment must be enforced.  Pharisaics sometimes tend to accuse people of  their own sins.


Tendency to accuse others of one’s own wrondoings, sins or evils.


Reusing evils done to one human being to do the same on another person.  Another form of recycling consists to putting one person’s sin or vice in another.


The destruction of a life or of something of value associated with a human being in exchange for spiritual or material reward in the baal world.  Human sacrifices are typically made to the devil.


Action(s) performed for the devil or the rulers of the baal world.

Social Religion

A new Christian religion where the devil’s vipers are the god, so-called ‘social justice’ and environmentalism are the doctrine, and where the sacraments are administered through high technology (phone, internet, and social networks).

Stalking Spirits

See Expedition.

Tentacular Minds

People with mentalities or behaviors where they reach for and involve as many people as possible to harm with evil.


Children of the devil who take after their father in their goal to corrupt and bind down children of God.  They achieve their goals by hissing evils, lies and temptations and by chaining souls.  They look to put the entire world into bondage to bring about the reign of satan.  They have from the devil spiritual gifts to make baals.  See Baal.


See Free-Will.

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