As a consumer of high tech products you might have observed a shift in priorities in the major companies for that industry. If you found that they are no longer about solving real problems, or that they no longer make user-centered designs a goal, you are correct. These companies now make it a deliberate strategy not to elicit user needs and requirements in order to meet them but to build products in a top-down approach to fulfill an agenda. That agenda has two components: world domination and redemption by technology.

It seems odd that folks desperate for redemption would at the same time have grand ambitions of world domination. But that is what the world is seeing. Self-appointed rulers of mankind are experiencing inadequacy and learning how big a mess they have been making if the world. Instead of capitulating, they are looking to technology to save their skin. They are also looking to technology to maintain and reinforce their dominance, lest the inmates break free and run back to the real purveyor of redemption.

The current source of redemption by technology happens to be social networks. They are not about solving any real problems. They are not built with the user in mind. They are very artificial and now overtly promote redemption through fake connections that ‘gather’. The problem is that the model cannot possibly live up to its promise of redemption since it instead scatters through the proliferation of connections and networks. One might ask: “which way salvation?”

Social networks will not save the world but create enough chains to help secure the dominance of self-appointed rulers of mankind. These themselves are in need of salvation. They have now commandeered a significant portion of the world’s brightest minds along with resources to invent that salvation for them. They intend to get there with Artificial Intelligence (AI) by way of Internet of Things (IoT), with Virtual Reality (VR), and with something simple and trivial: color coding. Every product, every field on every web page, every email must be color coded with a message programmed in the color.

Just as social networks were never about solving real problems, AI, IoT, and VR are about a hidden agenda far removed from bettering mankind, whatever the propaganda might say. With all of the resources being poured into IoT it is all about generating enough data for AI development. AI itself is not about finding cures. It is not about making computers more intelligent to serve humans. It is about replacing human minds before they degrade beyond usefulness. In other words, it is about inventing spare brains to assist the rulers of mankind with their ambitions of world domination.

Let us not forget salvation. Two thousand years ago light came into the world and the world did not comprehend it. But the world is hard at work inventing its own light with VR and color coding being the most visible products of that endeavor to date. These tools might have limited usefulness to trick the mind. But they cannot dispel the darkness that results in foolishness and evil that will lead the world to its destruction.

Just when their plan to oust God and replace Him in the world is proving to be foolish, the rulers are shifting their plans for domination and redemption by technology into high gear. They are overcompensating with a façade of confidence in their ability to achieve the goal. They are also busy selling the world on their alternative salvation, i.e. light. Fools will be deceived. But the wise will acknowledge that God created the world to achieve His purpose and there is no way around that. Salvation can only be found in Him and in the way that He offers it.