We live in a very sacrilegious world where the boundaries of our minds and bodies are infringed upon. This results in chains that influence and sometimes hinder our thoughts, our behaviors and actions. In this article you will read about types of chains that cause blockages or hindrances in our lives. The information was originally published in the book ‘God No Longer Welcome‘. Stories are sometimes used to illustrate the chains. Read also Characters in the Stories.

Mind chains are the connections vipers use to bind down and dominate the world.   They create these chains using their baal spirits. They put patterns in people’s minds and around people’s lives that reflect these chains.  What follows is an attempt at categorizing the different ways in which vipers use them to interfere with lives. Realize that vipers are all about chaos, they do not act with discipline or method. There could be overlap between these categories or vipers might be using more than one type of chain at once. To help you become better aware of how souls are being harmed in today’s world, here are types of chains:

Domination chains. Vipers and those to emulate and serve them are all about control. They act on behalf of the devil to bring the world into bondage. For this they aim to control minds and souls in the most mundane aspects of our lives. They use mind chains to direct our volition unbeknownst to us or better to make us very aware that they could make us to what they want.

If you want to put your right foot forward first, they could demand that you put the left one forward instead. If you want to stand, they could demand that you sit instead. If you express a dislike for something, they could force you to change your mind. These chains of domination exist in the mind games built into high-tech products. Vipers often show up to ‘teach’ you these products as they lead your mind around them. They tend to take you on a tour of features away from the tasks to set out to complete.

Suppression chains. These are another form of domination chain. The difference here is that instead of directing your volition vipers and their malfeasants suppress it. Instead of forcing you to act they prevent you.

Service chains. In the baal world people are sometimes called to serve in a lifestyle. In exchange for success or for prizes from that world, they adopt certain behaviors. There are lifestyles that could seem eccentric, others indicate a life chained to a vice. We should look beyond moralizing judgment to see the problems for what they are. Through chains darkness forces people into a life that they might have otherwise avoided.

Sin or vice chains. In these chains the devil or his children have power over souls to cause sinful thinking, action, or behavior. These chains act on individuals but could result in national sins when a good number of people are subjected to them. For example, Haitians have national sins of jealousy, envy, covetousness.

Reinforcement chains. These chains are meant to keep you stuck doing something in a way that is different from the service chains. In these reinforcement chains you are stuck doing something that is not necessarily a vice, is not to be in the service of vipers but to prevent an unpleasant situation. The achiever is stuck attending mass at a parish of demons, to avoid having conflict with the widow about this.

Vipers could also deceive you into thinking that ways you have devised to thwart them work when they do not. They could keep you in a behavior pattern with mental reinforcement. The achiever ended up feeding on a pork diet for months hoping in this way that she would disgust them to leave her body. They made her think that they could not stay when she ate. Obviously, fasting would have been a better choice.

Stuck-in-a-loop chains.  There are chains within our minds that cause us to be stuck in thought or behavior patterns.   They could also cause in us mannerisms and habits, e.g.  rocking back and forth, humming, staring at our nails, nodding for no reason. People are stuck with the same themes on their minds, keep telling the same stories, repeat themselves when speaking, and seem to be prevented from having new original thoughts that do not fit the themes.  They are steered away from thoughts that would get them out of these chains.  People also are stuck doing the same things day after day.   Vipers can wreck lives by locking people in these thought and behavior patterns.   By doing this they could predictably lead people to disaster. 

Machine chains. These are similar to the Stuck-in-a-loop chains. The difference is that control of the soul in those chains is passed around several malfeasants who keep him or her in the loop.

Idiotism or idiot-making chains. These are chains that affect mental capacity. They could be used to limit understanding, recall, mental focus, intellectual curiosity, creativity or problem solving capacity or communication skills. Vipers are actively interfering with minds with these chains everywhere. You could see some of the results with the high-tech products you use in the inconsistency, the lack of common sense or user-friendliness in the design. But their favorite ways of dumbing down minds who they want to experience those chains are forgetfulness, slow thinking, scattered thinking, or scrambled communication ability.

Absentmindedness and forgetfulness are an indication of viper chains. A thought you just had might disappear from your mind. There is an entire science built around long-term versus short-term memory. But the truth might be that the vipers who chain minds are tampering with what people retain. You might have also seen a behavior in people at public restrooms. Two different people using two stalls at a bathroom in an office building forgot to flush. This probably happens very often at the office or in your home. A woman walks out of the bathroom leaving a toilet-full of menstruation.

Vipers could also slow your thinking to the level of stupor. They could cause otherwise bright minds to take forever to have a thought to then act on it. As satan’s animals, vipers are full of sacrilegious gifts. They do not put those to use to bring anything good to the world. They use them to understand enough about the world to use that knowledge to do evil. They have a fascination with the human minds and have studied it enough to know how to interfere with it to harm souls and to bring evil to the world. Stories have illustrated the mediocrity and the idiocy that minds are experiencing nowadays because of them. With slowness chains vipers could also suppress your impulse and slow your reactions. See Body chains.

Vipers also use lack of mental focus or scattered thoughts to flaunt their ability to degrade minds. Their disdain for human beings makes them say that we are all toys to be used at their discretion. They show now respect for our right to use our minds to live our own lives. When they want they cross our minds with unrelated scattered thoughts primarily intended to bring up word patterns useful in their games of evil.

Chains could cause people’s speech to be scrambled or people’s writing to be confused. Vipers look at this as a good way to debase, despise, and bind down human minds. Evil might be involved in keeping back employees in corporate America for what is alleged to be their lack of communication skills. Those who submit their minds to the vipers seem to be less hindered than those who don’t. But this was before the line was crossed for confusion to be a worldwide phenomenon.

Lethargy chains. These chains affect motivation. They tend to cause people to avoid making physical or mental effort. They also lead to procrastination.

Circle-of-life chains.  There are also chains that make a loop within a group of people such as a family.  To put these chains vipers might use words, thought patterns or conversation topics, particularly ones that are uncharacteristic and came from nowhere.   These chains keep minds locked together to maintain a situation within that group, or to keep specific vipers circulating as baal spirits among them.   These chains might also be used as a way to keep one or more vipers around a member of the circle.  In other words, vipers could put chains around your family to use them to stalk you.

Tele-chains.  When you see people’s picture on the television or the internet, the baal world might connect them to you.  The people you saw might end up being chained to any baal games that involve you.  They are called to serve the vipers of that game or just join in if they are vipers themselves.   If they are neither, the chains might still keep them around you.

Tell-a-friend chains.  In the baal world servants are expected to drag others along.  They might pretend to share opportunity for prizes with those they entice to come along in their ambush against souls.  Occasionally they might be aware that the opportunity for a game is deceiving and pass it along to a fool.   This game could be sent around several baal servants and might return to the one who sent it.

Looking-for-a-game chains.  In the baal world people look for baal games, opportunities to earn prizes from the vipers.  For this they use the patterns of the games they want to join, whether they are words, numbers, behaviors…   Celebrities who change their hair color to platinum blonde might be chaining themselves to a baal game.  Celebrities who share naked selfies on social networks might be doing the same thing. 

What looks like a fad or a trend might be a baal game.  It could be that lives are being harmed somewhere by that game. The baal world does revolve around human sacrifices. One celebrity commented on another’s naked selfie saying her friend ‘has nothing to wear’. They might be cursing someone’s life across the world with a baal game.

Sharon Osbourne shares own naked selfie inspired by Kim Kardashian.  Ellen DeGeneres’ friend ‘has nothing to wear’. http://www.etonline.com/news/184140_sharon_osbourne_shares_naked_selfie_inspired_by_kim_kardashian/

New celebrity platinum blondes. http://www.redbookmag.com/beauty/news/g2632/celebs-with-platinum-blonde-hair/

Blonde hair celebrity gallery (look for the platinum blondes). http://www.taaz.com/android/ad.html?requestUrl=http://www.taaz.com/hairstyles/blonde-color-hair-gallery.html

Hissing chains. People that write or speak patterns for the baal world are not always looking for a game. Mind chains could cause them to become mouthpieces for the vipers. They express words that are useful for games and for evil. A careful look at what is written in the media, particularly news articles could reveal several of the patterns mentioned in these stories on any given day. This indicates how prevalent these chains in that world.

Don’t-know-why chains.   These result in odd behaviors around the baal world.  In 2008 there was a story of a man who came out of an airplane lavatory covered in fecal matter.   This was after the achiever coincidentally flushed gold jewelry down an airplane lavatory in September 2006.  Something similar might have happened with a man who lived for 117 days in an airport in Mexico in 2008.  There were no good reasons given why they were there.  The achiever slept the night at the airport more than once.  

The word ‘aks’, the ebonics for ‘ask’ is a pattern in the Haitian game the small CEO brought to the baal world because it is a pet peeve of the achiever. This word pattern caused one 24 year old young man from Medford, NY to murder his parent with an axe December 2013. The town Medford is also a pattern in the game. Again recently a 17 year old Afghan teen took an axe to passengers on a German railway.

You hear of odd stories of parents putting their children through the spin cycle, or of children doing this to their sibling.   They must have had the ‘wash’ pattern hissed into their minds.  There are people who take their own lives because chains from the vipers hissed suicide into their minds.  Some of them gave no indication that they would do something like this.

Benoît Violier, the French-Swiss chef was found dead on Sunday at his home in Crissier, near Lausanne, Switzerland. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/02/world/europe/benoit-violier-chef-dies.html

Man out of airplane lavatory covered in feces. http://www.wowt.com/home/headlines/36909299.html

Man living at Mexico airport has new home. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/27844203/ns/travel-destination_travel/t/japanese-man-moves-mexico-airport/

Young man murders with axe on Long Island. http://nypost.com/2014/01/25/son-kills-mom-with-an-ax-smiles-for-the-cameras/

Toys-R-us chains.   In these chains vipers act as puppet masters gratuitously and frivolously making people do what they want.  They could use these chains to play with and debase innocent human beings.  They could also use them to cause pointless activity among their zealous servants. The only difference between these and the previous chains is that the behaviors these cause appear not to be as harmful.

Share-the-blame chains.  In these chains zealous servants of the vipers are taught to involve others in the evils they do in order to point a finger at them and have them share the blame.  The boss who puts you on a 1099 to cause an IRS tax bill might look to involve the secretary who does the paperwork for blame sharing.  An acquaintance might use a family member to bring treats to you to share the blame for the temptation. 

The achiever at one point stored her belongings at the house of a woman who she was not aware was a zealous servant of the vipers.  That woman acting on instructions from the vipers made the achiever’s mother, the elderly widow, bring the belongings to her.  She involved the widow in disposing of and moving these belongings around.  Then she accused the widow of stealing them. 

Another illustration is that of a CEO bringing along employees to share the blame in taking the life of an unborn child two weeks before his due date.  This might be what the small boss CEO did to the achiever’s unborn nephew. Vipers love to make ring leaders out of fools with the share-the-blame chains.  The foolish and zealous through these chains could involve a number of people in their mischief and feel like mighty baal spirits for it.  They are not always aware of the number of malfeasants they bring along and lack the intelligence to realize that they are responsible for the evils of each of them. 

Mystical chains.  Vipers go as far as repurposing people’s religion to make chains.   They are in the Church now inciting people to make chains between themselves.   They might also stalk your prayer life to put their chains between you and those for whom you pray.  This is their way of thwarting God’s own mystical work among His children.   God gives high priority to the prayers we say for each other because they reinforce prized virtues: compassion, selflessness.  

Not only do they do this with prayer, they also do this with the good feelings we might have for one another and what we do to act on them. This is another area of life in the baal world where we cannot worry too much about what they do around us. Vipers have in these types of chains an important way to use God’s own work, the love between people, to nullify His action in the world.  This should not be a surprise.  Their imposture is a lot about that.

Free-for-all chains.  In these chains vipers unleash their malfeasants to look for opportunity to do evil in everything and this for days on end: what you do or do not do, what you said or did not say, how they might find fault with the room around you.  They recycle old stories, thoughts, and lies, to reuse them to do evil. 

Body chains.  The world has become increasingly sacrilegious.  With body chains vipers know how to cause all sorts of afflictions in human beings.  They are beginning to share with their servants their supernatural baal gifts for interfering with health and for playing with bodily functions.  They teach their malfeasants how to be in and tamper with people’s bodies.  One of their favorite games is to play with bladder control, bladder activity, and bowel function.   They could interfere and stop you from emptying your bowels. They sometimes cause serious afflictions.

The achiever once had temporary work at a telemarketing agency where the guy in the next cubicle stood up to look straight into her eyes. He seems to have sent something into them. Her eyesight changed around then. Vipers have been making body connections for that. With body chains they could even cause death by wearing out people’s health and ultimately by making hearts stop.

They could also use their body chains just to tell you that they are around or to annoy you.  They could slow your body reactions or suppress your reflexes. They could stop you in your tracks if you were walking, they could make you stumble, or they could make you clumsy. People have been surprisingly discreet about the presence of vipers in their bodies. Now that they bring the riff-raff along, it is time to speak out. We must make it known that there are those who claim a special birthright to infringe on our right to be protected in our minds and in our bodies. What vipers do in stalking our minds and our bodies goes against every rule that governs a civilized society.

Self curses. Vipers aim to involve our own minds in the evils they do to us. Theylook for words to hiss an evil.  They build fake thoughts around those words.  They suggest them to your mind or to those around you.  There is no truth to the thought.  It is all about hissing.  Then they make you think that they have a special power to program your mind or your life for their goals. 

Thought synthesizers.   Vipers make use of fake thoughts to chain minds.  They invent fake thoughts by combining together parts of old thoughts.  The artificiality of the thoughts is obvious because they reuse what was said differently and for a different purpose.   They could also bring back complete old thoughts and make them seem to fit the present context.

Tentacles. Vipers have tentacular minds that reach for as many people as possible to harm with the evils they do.  They suggest thoughts to you to involve the innocent. They could look to implicate them in the evil or might look for other ways to bring attention to them.  Unless we fight these thoughts vipers could chain us to their iniquity and use us for evil.

Cascades. Vipers show inventiveness in doing evil when they chain people together in a series of related actions to achieve an evil. Here is an illustration. Opportunists from around the elderly widow had instructions from vipers to play games with her house keys as she traveled for the summer. They used incompetent dishonest workmen to reach their goal. They made the widow’s daughter, the achiever, comment that doors that had been varnished were too dark. The door maker had enough time to fix this. He deliberately waited until just before the widow’s travel date. He claimed that he had to have access to the house to finish the work while she was away.

An opportunist from the neighborhood made the widow leave her keys with him to open for the workmen while she was away. That malfeasant with the vipers in his head has been coming in to the widow’s house to play master in spite of the achiever being there. He is acting for the vipers to do something about her living in her home, the widow’s home. Vipers do scheme evil when they make you give your keys in this way.

The first step in the cascade was for the achiever to comment on the color of the doors. The second step was for the widow to request that they be redone. The third step was for that workman to agree to fix them. The fourth step was for him to show be incompetent and avoid doing the work efficiently. The fifth step was for the opportunist to make the widow leave the keys with him. The sixth step is for him to be giving himself that access to play games with the achiever by coming around the house.

There is in this scenario a cascade that chained several people and involved several evils: the shoddy work done by the workman, the evil of that workman who tampered with the achiever and with the widow to tell him to do something about it, his incompetence is not completing the work, the greed of the opportunist who tampered with the widow to give himself keys, the evil of that same opportunist who is cursing the life of the achiever for the vipers.

Here is another illustration. For the Sunday observance you heard of someone who would come by to do laundry for the widow. There is a cascade of evils in what she does. First she deliberately comes on Sunday to accuse the widow and her daughter of doing injustice to her. Second, she makes sure that she is laundering when the achiever sits down to dinner to claim injustice again: the unemployed eats while she works. Third, when she is given her food she declares injustice because she was not invited to table.

There are other illustrations of cascades. Vipers destroyed the widow’s home in the 2010 earthquake. They knew of jealousy for her home in the shantytown nearby. They did not prevent her from rebuilding the home because of what they could do feeding that vice in the neighborhood. They showed how some of the people are being eaten up inside by the each project, each expense for rebuilding the home. This puts great zeal in them to do evil for the vipers. Looking at the life of the achiever, it took a cascade of evil for the vipers to destroy her life.

First, there were the conflicts that made her leave her first job. Second, there were the evils of head-hunters who deprived her of a livelihood. Third, there were those of the con businessmen who brought her bogus business to tap into her equity. Fourth, there was that of those who would not rent out her condo for her to keep the financial security. Fifth, there was the evil of making her use her retirement funds. Sixth, there were the evils of those in the small jobs who prevented her from getting back on her feet. Seventh, there was the third-rate company that brought her into the court system. Eight, there were the mind games that made her think that the only choice was to go back home to Haiti, only to have new cascades of evil waiting for her there.

You live in a world being overtaken by iniquity. Look for cascades of evil between people around you.

Relays.  Vipers behave as stalkers to those they target.  They use minds connections, chains, to relay signals and make a person feel stalked.  Here is a scenario.  You go to one auto mechanic.   Before he looks at the car he tells you what the problem might be and the cost to fix it.  You go to another mechanic who does the exact same thing, tells you the same story before looking at the car.  This could be right after you met the first one or later on that same day.  Relays are a favored way for vipers to play with your mind.

Impedance chains. Vipers are known to put chains among people for them to get in each other’s way. When you are looking to get something done they might put people to give you wrong information or give you the run-around. This could be simple directions to get somewhere on time, or this could be about important life decisions. Vipers not only do this at the individual level, they could also do this at other levels. A good example of impedance chains at the national level could be the lobbying efforts that have stopped America from developing a high-speed rail system. Other examples could be the chains that have influenced trends in high technology. Earlier there were illustrations of products useful to users that were replaced in popularity by those useful to vipers.

Something could be said here about the idea of impedance in the longstanding battles between Microsoft and the US Department of Justice. Going back to 1998 Microsoft was accused of attempting to stifle competition in the operating system market. Opponents were claiming that products from Sun Microsystems and the Linux operating system did not have a fair chance. What have these competitors done to win customers from Microsoft since? Linux was touted as a more flexible and better alternative, a promise that never materialized, not because of Microsoft, but because they did not have the drive or technical know-how.

The proof is that Apple was able to bring a viable alternative to Windows personal computers. Then the US DOJ took on Microsoft again for attempting to buy IBM. As it turns out IBM subsequently exited the personal computer market. What good did this antitrust litigation do to America? The US DOJ put its crosshairs on Microsoft again for bundling the Internet Explorer browser with its Windows OS. Competitors claimed that this was edging them out.

Whatever one might think about Microsoft having enjoyed a monopoly, the legal battles the company had to fight show a trend of the US government punishing a US corporation for being too successful. Mediocre companies can always invoke unfair competition and antitrust laws to impede successful companies. Antitrust laws only seem to be invoked in this context. They have not prevented the rising of monopolies of mediocrity. Given the current trends we can no longer assume that the best products win out. Winners are sometimes the ones better able to impede the competition.

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