In recent decades elections have proven Americans to show compliance to their oppressors even in dissent. There has not been enough backbone to offer real opposition. Americans elect who they are told. This could be after a protracted campaign which is nevertheless a simulacra where the outcome has become increasingly predictable. The current election is more of a joke than all previous contests.

In 2007 the powers that be convinced a viable candidate to choose as future vice-president a former beauty queen to guarantee his defeat and determine the election in advance. In this election the people themselves were told to nominate a candidate in the two-party system to make the game more obvious. America has been taking democracy in reverse. The people no longer elect their leaders.

…elections at all levels are rigged in the United States. PressTV

Each vote does not carry the same weight in the election outcome. In any case elections no longer determine who governs the nation. The levers of power are in the hands of an unelected ‘shadow’ government. No other nation besides dictatorships have such a restricted number of choices for political parties. As of this election America might effectively be a one political party nation.

This election is for keeps: plans are being implemented, with President Obama already signed on, staff hired, and money being raised. Perhaps lulled into complacency by the MSM polls, the Democrats have already constructed and staffed their strategy to permanently disable the Republican Party…

The GOP will remain in existence as the token opposition, useful for legitimizing the actual one-party regime, the essential element of the election rituals reminding us of the Republic we once enjoyed. Thomas Lifson

Are vote rigging and redistricting enough to explain what the US electoral process has become? The people themselves participate in the circus. Americans should have known better than to help create this Republican opponent to the democratic party. They show in their choice that they are no better than the illiterate Haitians in the thought process they put into this. You might not be aware that Haitians elected a skirt wearing, hip girating, foul mouthed male pop artist who showed them good times over the years. Americans seemed to have chosen a Republican candidate based on emotional factors without much thought about his ability to actually save America if he manages to get into the White House.

America did not want a Black president but got one who was re-elected, proof of how powerless dissent in the system. America does not want the current Democratic candidate for president but will get her anyway. The rulers of nations with the current election are “rubbing it in”. They are showing Americans who’s boss in this ‘democracy’.

The similarities between America and Haiti do not stop at the mindlessness and the stupidity in the election circus. There are many others:

  • Ineffectual, incompetent, bloated bureaucracy.
  • Political structures that function as chains of impedance to progress instead of checks and balances. America implements this as lobbying.
  • Corrupt use of influence in the halls of power.
  • Vote buying for elected office.
  • Self-serving politicians, demagogues, who speak of nation but are in this for their ambitions.
  • Recently, the presidency as the fastest track to high net-worth.
  • Other levels of government also as a track to achieve personal ambitions.
  • Government-fostered social unrest. For America this is reflected as police brutality on blacks or as black violence on police.

One area where American incompetence and bureaucracy shines is in emergency management. Remember how this was broadcast around the world during hurricane Katrina. No reform of Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) was enacted since.

Lobbying will ensure that America never gets a high speed rail system. The oil company lobby, those of the auto manufacturers and the airline industry will prevent it.

Lobbied and bought out regulators help create and maintain monopolies when they want. Big pharmaceutical companies will continue to escalate prices for prescription medicine. Consolidation in the airline industry will raise costs and limit choices in air travel.

Politicians use their influence to intimidate and avoid prosecution. They peddle influence in pay-for-play schemes.

One of the ways votes are rigged is by having ineligible people vote or by having people vote more than one. Most likely they are compensated with pocket change just like the illiterate Haitians.

Americans get short-changed just like the Haitians when politicians use the presidency to make their buck. One could argue, and recent experience proves it, that rulers of nations get more out of such politicians than they do from those already wealthy. Those looking to make their wealth are more cynical, audacious and zealous in enacting policy and programs for the rulers to whom they owe their allegiance.

Members of the US government vote their own benefits and perks to secure their future as shown in this quote.

House of Representatives…members can cash in for full retirement after a minimum of two years and then move on to the world of lobbying. Larry Creech

Corruption is not limited to the top levels of government. That mentality also exists in state and city government where elected officials pursue their own ambitions and promote the goals of rulers of nations to advance their careers.

Frequent cataclysms have recently caused Americans to get a taste of life in Haiti, if only for a few days at a time. Perhaps, the rulers of nations want that to become a permanent reality. They will get us there if they order their candidate to provoke Russia into war. For decades they have been honing America’s warmongering with commissioned wars in the Middle-East. What is happening with Russia now shows they are not too clever to avoid triggering another world conflagration. The American people at all levels would have helped instead of prevented such foolishness.

America can no longer give lessons in democracy to the world since the democratic system fails in its own land. What happens in America is as corrupt, as undemocratic as it could get anywhere.

Americans cannot simply check one of a few choices presented to them. Americans must do their own thinking again, must go around the media information control, get beyond the imposed social media boxes, the accepted social network obstacles, to become more clever, more categorical, and more courageous about expressing dissent.