Our world is being oppressed by impostors. This is to reveal to you something about who they really are. These self-appointed rulers are strangely similar in character and mentality to the worse elements, the dredge, of one of the most backward nations on earth: Haiti. In fact the baal vipers have been flaunting to the world an unlikely alliance with Haitians, and have been putting Haiti on the map in the baal world. Their evils brought them to that nation and made them unwittingly reveal with this their hidden traits. Being aware of these might bring some comfort to cope with their world domination.

Here are the similarities between the impostors, the baal vipers, and the Haitian evilmongerers.

They love evil too much to be smart about it.  They lack the intelligence to know when evil isn’t useful to them.  They tend to be gratuitous in doing evil.

They have a primitive voodoo mentality.  They are very attached to idiotic practices: for the baal vipers word games, for example.  The Haitians only knew the number 3, for their witchcraft.  But the baal vipers have the entire gematria and they augment it with numerology from everywhere around the world.

They strongly believe in the power of their witchcraft.  They obstinately keep at it until they convince themselves of its efficacy.

They are too attached to witchcraft to ever evolve out of it.  For the baal vipers they’d rather drive the entire world backwards than to give it up.

In themselves they have no sense of worth.  They get their sense of value from monopolyzing people’s minds with the lies they put there about who they pretend to be.  They use anguish and fear as favorite tactics for mind games.  Conceit, arrogance, disdain, displays of might are all devices to cover the fact that they are a sub-human species.

They live off people but posture as masters of the world. The Haitians need someone to put money in their pockets. The baal vipers evolved entire economic systems to make people do that for them.

They are full of hubris and boast about being mighty but they are chained animals of satan.  They are powerless to stop the evils that drive them.

They are scapegraces.  They don’t ever learn grace and aren’t ever touched by it.

They are incapable of genuine goodness but have bewildering capacity for evil.

They speak with a forked tongue. There is no truth in them. There is no sincerity to their speech. They speak not to express themselves truthfully but to hiss evil.

They are compulsive about deceiving. They insist on flattery and compliments while in secret they curse you.

They have meandering minds unthetered to the truth. The baal vipers meander around logic and rationalizations to see how far they can take a thought. The Haitians meander around words sometimes just for the sake of how these words sound.

They are lawless, godless, ruthless, unscrupulous.

They rely on chains to ensnare and harm souls.

They have a very adverse influence on their social environment: they chain minds, curse lives…

Their obstinate attachment to evil, their love of witchcraft, the fact that the devil keeps them captive to do his will prevents their minds from showing human intelligence. They are programmed only for evil to the point of idiocy.

The chains they bring to minds lead the world to idiocy.

They resort to witchcraft to curse people’s lives with different evils, in a variety of ways.

They are capable of murder.  They know how to take people’s lives with voodoo.

They know how to interfere with or destroy people’s prosperity…

They show beast-like obstinacy.  No human reasoning can get through to them.

They are full of boasting, conceit, disdain.

They prize and show off their gifts for chaining and debasing human beings.

To do the work of the devil they stalk you. They obstinately cling to the idea that they have a relationship of domination with you that they express with various intimidation, fear tactics, mind games, and indignities. Basically, they are animals with tricks to play god to souls. As animals they won’t take no for an answer. The baal vipers want to be acknowledged as god. The Haitians who until recently knew they were scums are now also demanding domination status.

They harm, provoke, or set you up to claim that you wronged them to use that as an excuse to do evil.

They are controlled by evil and by sin.  They particularly are dominated by jealousy.

Their life strategy is mostly based on copying others. Their jealousy leads them to want to be who other people are, have what other people have. And they are driven by how to get there. The baal vipers just do it on a grander scale.

Out of jealousy they use their witchcraft to slow people’s mind to idiocy. Their presence significantly reduces IQ. It could be as simple as making you forgetful. For the Baal vipers it could be as significant as holding back technological progress. The internet folks never thought through domain name categories and what to do with them. So many features never made it to the internet or were sidelined: annotation, newsreaders, newsgroups. Mobile phone apps are increasingly bug-laden and dumbed down. The world is being oppressed with idiocy with fake industries: cloud, internet of things, social networks. The ones behind the agenda lack the intelligence to coin meaningful names. Entire industries that call for real scientific minds are being thwarted: solar power, high speed rail travel. America’s government has reached the level of a banana republic. Emergency management is incompetent, major projects predictably fail: Obamacare, Big Dig. If the baal vipers have their way, Americans will think and behave exactly like Haitians. All of this because of evil jealousy of baal vipers.

They lack real human intelligence to build up and lead the world forward.  Their minds are incapable of the intelligence that comes from the light of God,intelligence that is meant to bring goodness to the world.

They don’t bring much that is good to the world.  They won’t ever be found to solve the world’s problems,  the Haitians because they are incapable, the baal vipers because on principle they don’t want to bring good things to the world.  Truth is their minds are all too chained to evil.

They expect someone else to do the heavy-lifting, the hard work to solve the world’s problem.

They show incredible duplicity.  They could overdo the praise and pleasant talk as they curse you and do evil to you.

They tend to stalk you in groups.  The Haitians call them expeditions.  The baal vipers do group souls called by different names.

Here are the differences.

The Haitian evilmongerers never got ambitious enough to make their expeditions into their own god.  But the baal vipers have been making their own god with group souls for thousands of years.

The devil considers the baal vipers as his children and gives them special gifts that aren’t given to the Haitians who are only his monkeys.

The baal vipers for being the devil’s children have mindboggling productivity for doing evil. They are incapable of creativity for doing good but they invent ways of doing evil. For them there can never be enough evil. Their warped minds are obsessed with making the most of every opportunity to do evil. The number of different evils they could do with the simplest thought is perplexing. The Haitians are only now becoming acquainted with the mind tricks of the devil for developing that repulsive capacity.

The devil gives the baal vipers the desire to hoard the world’s wealth and gives them cunning schemes for this: how to use education not to better mankind but as a strategy to high paying jobs, how to profit from different industries, how to appropriate industries, how to posture as leaders, how to profit from the work of others, how to invent industries and business models that enrich them while bringing little value to the world.  He leaves the Haitians with only coveting with no detectable ability to satisfy their envy for what belongs to others other than harming them.

The baal vipers could use their witchcraft to get knowledge to seem educated, gain credentials and achieve certain goals.  The Haitians were never able to do that.  Their own witchcraft oppresses them to idiocy.

The baal vipers could use their witchcraft to get high-paying jobs, if they are limited to that in their ability.  The Haitians are only learning now how to make people bring pocket change to them.  They cannot with their witchcraft give themselves education, trade, viable livelihood or jobs.

The baal vipers posture as innovators, leaders, rulers.  They stalk people’s minds, ideas, work, quash them, bring them to the world in a different form as their own.  They usually do this after they remove any beneficial aspects to keep only what fits their goals: maximum profit, minimum value.  The Haitians can’t pool together enough IQ to know what to do with their trash.

As they pretend to lead the world, the baal vipers know very well in what evil does to their minds. They know that they must allow God, light, goodness back into the world to fix this. But in their conceit and their obstinacy they would rather children of God program computers to create for them ‘artificial intelligence’. This is their plan B for when they would have eradicated IQ from the world with their chains. This won’t do them any good if they cling to a voodoo mentality and if they insist on importing from the Haitians what augments their evils. If the Haitians have a landfill nearby, they still creates piles of trash where they are. They lack the mind to put it in one place. As a nation they can’t designate points to collect and transport it. AI combined with the minds of a nation with probably one of the lowest average IQ in the world will lead baal vipers nowhere.

The baal vipers have warped, perverted minds that have been derailing, perverting, corrupting, and leading the world astray with bogus ideologies, artificial industries, fake science, and lies.  The Haitians are only renowned for being incapable and for their backwardness.

Now that you found out what is behind the façade of these rulers of the world, put that information to good use to adjust your response to them and protect your own lives from their games.

For information about what the baal vipers have been doing in Haiti and what they have imported from there into the baal world, read ‘God No Longer Welcome’ .