Career management, if you think about it is reserved for the chosen few. Most of us are only allowed to aspire to a pay raise and to maintain marketable skills. Those who manage to develop would have fought to do so. This in a world where the expression ‘team spirit’ was a cynical invention to discourage lofty goals. The chosen few who rise up the corporate ladder are not necessarily brilliant minds with exceptional management talent. They might demonstrate amazing mediocrity. Some are selected to rise above the masses for ‘services rendered’. Others are children of something special exercising their birthright. Their rise still requires personal action. Here is the story of one such mediocrity who made it to CXO on paper while avoiding work.

This guy considers himself to be one of the chosen children of something special, entitled by birthright to a high salary and a management role at the start of his career. He used his ‘special gifts’ to get credentials to land such a role. He will continue to make use of these gifts in his career strategy.

His credentials landed him a middle management role in product development, with the job title of Director, managing a group of 7 to 10 people with his own secretary. He managed to get on his staff a PhD expert to lead the technical work. His plan was to comfortably ride the efforts of the staff until he something could point out a next embellishment for his resume. He had no intention of working hard. That someone leading a technical development group would think that he could avoid work is amazing! He was given a set of pre-built products and thought he could do that. His task was to integrate them. He was not going to rearchitect them to do it well. He would simply release insignificant updates. He would not even bother with merging the product documentation to give a semblance of integration.

He knew he was very aware of his incompetence and lack of performance. The work being done in a similar department for a different vertical industry got his attention. You might have read about the Achiever in ‘God No Longer Welcome’. She was Systems and Release Manager in that department where she produced a new major release with a thousand-page documentation set. This ticked off the mediocre boss. He thought that this was drawing attention to his lack of performance and that people were going to talk. He also thought that the Achiever would be promoted and that she would be given a job title like his, Director. He could not tolerate that a Black woman, a ‘monkey’ according to his own characterization of her, get to his level.

This spurred him to shift from coasting mode to career management mode. He was so determined to avoid work, was so aware of his incompetence that he decided to leave product development to bring his games to marketing instead. Why would anyone shelve their technical credentials so easily if these were gained with effort? Why would someone with these credentials throw away the opportunity to make their mark and bring something good to the world? Obviously his credentials were not obtained honestly. There were not a reflection of aspirations to use his mind to build something in this world. They were simply a way to gain entry into the management ranks.

That guy did what could be considered one of the worst horror stories of corporate America. He was not satisfied leaving product development before his incompetence was found out. He thought to destroy the Achiever first. He befriended people in her department to instill jealousy and create conflict. He went out to lunch with one of them who would incite the others. She was the only one doing software engineering for a group of PhD academic experts contributing algorithms for the product. In spite of their expertise and credentials they lacked the intelligence to see the game and avoid it. There was complementarity between the Achiever’s role and theirs. There was no reason for them to be insecure. No one was going to make her their boss. But credentials do not make minds immune to the vipers of the world. In corporate America as elsewhere people are not free to think for themselves. They think what they are told by the vipers. Their ability to keep a full trough hinges in that.

The incompetent director succeeded at dislodging the Achiever from her department. He used his ‘gifts’ on her mind to make her think that leaving was the sensible thing to do after a tenure of almost ten years with the product reaching maturity. Before she left he lured her into his department Sping of 1998. She did not know him, did not know the evils he planned, did not know to avoid him.

He used his spell to convince her to take a job under him. This was the first evil he did to act in his jealousy for her job performance and for the fact that there were only two levels of management above her when there were three above him. He also cut the ‘monkey’ down to size by giving her a small project to work on, a major difference from her previous product responsibilities. He put her in a cubicle when all her career she had her own office. He did not stop there. He appointed one of his employees manager between her and him and instructed him to assert his role and play boss to her. Then he had someone else take his director job and left the department, ended the product development stint of his career to go into marketing Summer of 1998.

His career switch might indicate that he looks at marketing as a lazy man’s job. He escaped there to avoid the demands of product development. He also thought that people in that field could wing it and that he could learn marketing on the job. But his ignorance must have caught up with him. Five years later he did something shocking that gives some clues as to how he got his credentials. What he did to the Achiever effectively derailed then ended her career in 2001. He stalked her to steer her to startups led by vipers who teamed up with him to sacrifice her. Read how in ‘God No Longer Welcome’. She was two years out of work in 2003 when she thought of taking a marketing course. There she was in a university classroom sitting through a semester-long course that she thought would help her make a new start when in reality the viper who destroyed her career was using her to siphon knowledge. He could have used anyone but the iniquity in that was gratifying to him.

He used that course to pull off job interviews until he could get to a role of Chief Marketing Officer at a company of about a hundred employees in the energy sector where he had neither the industry expertise nor the marketing knowledge. He did not invest the time or effort in an MBA he just siphoned and used a course someone unemployed took at their own expense.

This story could have been titled career management for the work averse. The CMO tenure of this guy was somewhat brief. He had to demote himself to a VP of marketing role at a startup of a few dozen people. So far his assumptions marketing being a role he could ride while avoiding work proved wrong. Competent management establishes the right metrics to measure performance of the marketing effort against sales. Only an incompetent scoundrel like him confident of his baal viper gifts would ever look at marketing as a role where a work averse mediocrity like him could hide and be written off as overhead.

Unfortunately, in this baal world, someone like him still gets jobs, however brief, and still manages to craft a deceptive resume. Then the peons at the organizations they target in their career management must tolerate mediocrity like them posturing as executives.