Success in the startup world in America no longer comes from merit or ingenuity. Entrepreneurs are now rewarded for two things: their service or allegiance to the baal vipers or for allowing one of them to use and profit from their life’s work. A trend is emerging where people are encouraged to not work hard to build something. They should only take their idea so far. Instead they should look to be bought out. Preferably they should hire one of the baal vipers to package their idea and bring them up-front financial success. In the best case scenario someone else gets to bring their idea to fruition. But often a startup might be bought out to remove competition. Any product ends up shelved. That trend is a perverse one in the corporate world that will limit innovation and ultimately technological advances. You will read here the story of one startup and one mediocre CEO who made a career of selling them. You will also read about surprising games he played for this.

In 2000, this CEO was hired at a small startup that had been around since the 1980s. In all those years the people involved could not bring the product to maturity. The key product developers left the company with the knowledge and did not leave documentation or specifications. This CEO arrived only to make a third rate startup seem better than it really was for an acquisition. That was his executive ‘talent’. He was also to use his baal witchcraft to achieve success and in this way line his pockets while making the founder think that he brought him a lot of wealth.

The strategy of this CEO with that startup is very revealing about what small executives do in the corporate world to gain wealth. He made several hires that were a waste of investor funds. He brought one VP of engineering and four directors for a department of about 20 people. One of them was only managing two employees: one IT guy, one low paid junior Tech support staff. The other three staff had about five employees reporting to each of them. His hires were not about competence but for word games meant for the baal world: Haus, Mortimer. He went as far as firing the VP of marketing to replace with someone with a name useful for his game. He planned for some of his hires to follow him for years to use them in games of evil. One of them was an elderly guy he brought out of retirement and that he planned to use to harm an employee. His goal was to lie about her having wronged someone elderly to use that lie against her in the baal world.

In addition to playing the names of new hires he arrived with the intention of doing several evils for his business success. If you read ‘God No Longer Welcome’ you would have heard about the achiever, a young woman who met in corporate America evil and jealousy that destroyed her career. This CEO was responsible for this. His strategy for success with startups involves human sacrifices. The achiever was hired at that startup as a Project Manager just before that CEO was brought. His goal was to make her into a human sacrifice with the tips he got from a middle manager at a previous company who was jealous of her. For this he planned to use office politics and create conflicts to pit the staff against one another. He also intended to draw them into his games and bring them on his ‘field trips’ for evil.

Around Rosh Hashanah of 2000 he promoted the achiever to a Director role at a salary of $120,000. This was his idea of programming a human sacrifice. He was reusing the evils of the jealous middle manager mentioned before. That guy was director himself and did not want someone like her, a young Black foreign woman, to get to his level. This mediocre CEO promoted her to be Director just before ending her career to sacrifice her to his ambitions and to his baal friend’s jealousy. After having promoted her he created resentment among the staff, accused her of causing low morale, slandered her with the label con. He went as far as sending an email of lies to the staff complaining about someone hoarding his clementine oranges from the kitchen, insinuating that it was her, when they might not have been ordered at all.

Socialization and staff conversations were tools he used to plant evil. He brought a foosball table to a storage room for creating a ‘team spirit’. This was really a room meant specifically for his bootlickers to subvert the staff and undermine the achiever. He particularly used a middle manager whose mind was very inclined to corporate evils planted by the baal vipers. He was resentful of the achiever. His issue was that he worked hard to get to where he was, and could not tolerate that someone like her be at his level, and participate in the same management meetings. That issue could be traced back directly to the previous jealous middle manager. Much evil in the baal world is recycled in that way. The mediocre CEO played those issues by reinforcing the idea that being in the presence of an executive like him was a privilege indeed. This was at a 32 person startup! The middle manager, a Director of Marketing, asked for and got permission to create a special management group specifically intended to exclude the achiever. He named it the Gang of 8, called special meetings where she was not invited. What sort of executive instigates and caters to this sort of dysfunction. The mediocre CEO was the one who promoted her.

The Director of Marketing was also bothered by the achiever’s professional style. He propagated the idea that her slacks and silk stockings were contributing to low morale in a staff that favored free T-shirts and shorts. The mediocre CEO responded by ordering cotton long-sleeve logo shirts for the executives and white T-shirts for the peons. Of course the achiever got a peon shirt.

After playing the staff in this way for months, the mediocre CEO thought it was time to fire her. But first he used corporate funds again for day-long meetings with the entire staff where a consultant was to get at the morale problems. As a paranoid viper well aware of his evils, he was concerned about her suing him and thought the findings of a consultant would cover his evils.

The days before he fired her he had one-on-one meetings in his office with each of the staff again out of paranoia. He also did this to put his baal viper chains in them and bring them along to stalk the achiever’s life. The day before he fired her, he killed her unborn nephew in the womb, on February 27, 2001, two weeks before his due date. Then on the day itself he showed his paranoia once again. He made his secretary tell her a story for her to think that he fired another director the same day. Later he pretended that this was the entire engineering management. He was lying about that and involved the staff in his lies.

All of this was what a mediocre CEO considered to be hard work for the acquisition of a startup he was hired to lead. He was to bring this success to a third-rate startup with a product that no one still on the staff knew very well. The minds that developed it had gone to greener pastures taking the product knowledge with them. One junior staff member was left to his own devices to architect a user interface where none existed in a language of his choice. No one validated this choice against the platforms of existing or potential clients. The Director of Marketing simply whined about this being a favorite pet language of software engineers unproven in that industry. The project was initiated to deceive board members about development activity. The employee carrying it out was not given marketing requirement documents from which to write functional specifications. The incompetent Director of Marketing thought the engineer could just copy a competitor’s product. It was too much work for him to spell out the requirements. There was no real product strategy. No one was there to set product direction. Of the five person engineering management team, VP and Directors, no one had the technical qualifications to lead product development. No one in engineering or in the entire staff was accountable for performance. The culture among the staff was all about spying on and criticizing the incompetence of executives and recycling old stories behind the startup’s failure.

When this CEO was brought he put on a show for board members and potential buyers with a reorganization involving several new hires with six figure salaries, and a bogus new product development project. He only meant to keep the staff busy long enough for a buyer to surface. The new product effort was sabotaged as part of the conspiracy he created to discredit the achiever.

What could there have been to the due diligence of the buyer if they did not uncover the truth about that startup? Do companies now acquire what they are told to buy in the baal world and not what makes good business sense? The mediocre CEO focused most of his energies on baal games and voodoo. The most professional work he did for the acquisition seems to have been to write a Wikipedia article where he included five lines of code to describe a product that he obviously did not know very well. The success of the acquisition seems to have come mostly from gaining the favor of the baal world that rewarded him for having sacrificed an infant in the womb as well as the achiever’s career. The startup was acquired the year of these two human sacrifices.

The actions of this mediocre CEO lead one to think that the business of startup acquisition is about evil influence, games, human sacrifices as much as anything else. Because of this who knows what third-rate companies and products end up on the portfolio of respectable US corporation as a result of coercive influence from the baal world. For details about what this mediocre CEO did to sacrifice the achiever and what happened to her life from that point on read ‘God No Longer Welcome’. He personally stalked her for this in 2003, sent his CFO to do the same that year. Then used a namesake to assault her and land her in jail in 2005. He took the lives of several people around her. As for him he went on to bring his ‘specialty’ to other startups to increase his net worth until the approach of retirement age forced him to put down roots somewhere and ride the performance of an established sales force.

“…50 percent of the CEOs in North American public companies have roles and accountabilities that have limited or no impact on the creation of long-term shareholder value. Moreover, if CEOs and their executive teams are held accountable for, and measured on, operational workwhile being paid for strategic workthey are, in fact, being overpaid.” Mark Van Clieaf in ‘Are boards and CEOs accountable for the right level of work?’

Also from same author: Board/CEO Level of Work

The point is this. Whoever invented this type of short-term CEO specialty intended to create a con game. Executives who come on board only for an acquisition and staff roles to deceive buyers without building anything must be in a category of their own. Such ‘executives’ cannot claim real management talent, experience at developing companies, or competence for creating shareholder value. When you see them arrive they are in this first for themselves, for the windfall expected for selling what someone else built.