People marry for different reasons one of them being to achieve that modicum of happiness in this life. Married life could sometimes be seen as a refuge from a ruthless world. The affection of a spouse soothes from the harsh realities of competing in the workplace. The admiration of a child lifts up from the self-abasement that often comes with earning one’s daily bread.

In an increasingly cynical world, other motives could outweigh the search for happiness. Also, there are new rulers that dominate our lives.  That aspect of finding and keeping a partner for the journey is also subject to their rule. That could make for marriages made in hell instead of Heaven.  Whether we marry and who we marry could be determined by them, whether or not we are aware of it. Children that come from the marriage could be claimed by them. Because they are so entangled with our lives, we might start out uniting our destiny with a reasonably good soul only to end up sleeping with the enemy. This story illustrates that point and ends with a few words of advice. First, you will hear of the evils one woman did after having snuck into a family by marriage.

If you read ‘God No Longer Welcome’ you heard the story of a Haitian who immigrated to America and met evil there. She is referred to as the achiever. Along with other characters she is described in ‘Characters in the Stories’. Two characters important to this story are her father, a soul long gone from this world, her mother the widow.

On October 19, 1995 the achiever’s father passed on. Around that time a Haitian woman turned up in her life. She accompanied her brother as he visited around that difficult moment of their family life, the day when he travelled to Haiti to bury their father. Mysteriously that woman lingered, deceptively pretending to help the achiever who stayed behind to make a few purchases before travelling herself. Without asking permission she went into one of the rooms and slept the night. That room was occupied by the achiever’s sister who later was enlisted by a jealous viper from the corporate world to do evil to her life. What that woman left in the room might have had a determining role in the path taken by that sister on the dark side from that point on.

Soon after, that woman got impregnated by the achiever’s brother. When he heard the news he was panic stricken when he realized what had come from what he thought was casual sex. That woman gave birth to a girl in the fall of 1996. The timing of her pregnancy around the father’s death, turned out to be dictated by those who were looking to affect the lives of three people: the father, the widow, and the achiever. There were people around the achiever’s corporate life who were interested in the three. You might not be aware that those around you at work might be interested in the souls of your departed loved ones. This is what happened with the achiever’s father. Rulers of this world are also particularly interested in widows at that vulnerable moment of their lives. The idea is to see if they could be scared enough to give in to them.

As it turned out that woman was sent on a mission to affect the course of these three lives in shocking ways. Vipers from around the achiever in the corporate world used her to send stalking spirits to Haiti around the father’s passing. These included her, people she brought, and the vipers themselves. They had arrived into the achiever’s environment in her native country for decades of evil mongering. But first, they looked to cause anguish to the father by spreading stories about him as he was being buried. Later on, that woman was useful to them to lure his soul into their world in America. They resented his attachment Jesus and have been testing his resolve ever since.

The vipers have revealed their objective to prevent the widow from doing as well as her husband in keeping her God. The woman sent into the family was enlisted to help with that. She was to deceive the widow and initiate her into that world. If she were to follow people of that world long enough, if there were enough impostor spirits put into her, the widow could be made to think that Jesus was far away. Later on, as the widow became isolated in that unfamiliar world, that woman and others would take advantage of a helpless elderly person’s vulnerability, and sometimes use intimidation tactics to dominate her.

That woman and those she brought along effectively were sent to bind and deliver the widow into that world. They arrived into her family, put a spell on her with gifts from the vipers, deceived her to make chains around her that separate her from God, lied about her to the baal world to put her at the mercy of enforcers of righteousness looking for victims. These unscrupulous emissaries of the devil flaunted the idea that they were family to her. They took advantage of her trusting nature to entangle themselves in her life, even inviting themselves to stay at her home in Haiti to bring their evils, to learn about her personal life, and to bring back to America what was useful to the vipers and to the games their people play.

Where that woman did the most evil was in the life of the achiever. It was when that immigrant attended Tufts University for her Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering that the vipers found that woman of Haitian origins in the same town. They calculated the harm they could do to her with the dredge from her own culture. That person fit the profile very well. Those who you meet in the baal world go to great lengths to cause you harm when the idea to do that gets into them. A middle manager was jealous of the achiever and did not want a Black Haitian like her to get to his level in the organization.

The woman was to educate the baal vipers on the worse of the Haitian culture and on ways in which they could harm the achiever. She was also to inform them on where issues existed around that person’s family life after having stalked enough family members spiritually. These were to be used to create conflicts. She was to teach the baal world evils that existed in the Haitian ways that could be unleashed on her: chains, curses, spells… She showed up in her body with low witchcraft practices to ‘tie up’ her life: crossing her legs, her arms, chaining her to behaviors. She once brought to the achiever a vision where she was driving a hearse. She did not specify who she was sent to bury that way, probably wherever there was an opportunity. She has all of the traits of common trash from her culture sent deliberately to filthy her clean life. She had the achiever’s brother channel her once as she made him violent with her baal demons. She took advantage of this to insult the achiever with whom she has no relationship: “Take a look at you! What were you!” She even forced the brother to come and look at the achiever’s nudity in the bathroom. Rumor has it she might have scared him into worse abominations for the baal world. What she taught the baal world about Haiti was put to use to make word and number games that affect lives in that world in unknown ways. Read ‘God No Longer Welcome’ to learn about some of those.

This Haitian arrived in the life of the achiever with a chip on her shoulder about class and language complexes. Haitians could have a mentality very chained by that and those of dubious quality show zeal for doing evil with their issues. Vipers exploited that well by using that woman and what she brought around the three people mentioned. She helped dispossess the achiever in America of her condominium along with her personal belongings, and has stalked her with housing evils over the last fifteen years. The achiever offered her a bed and breakfast to hold a function when she requested to hold it at the achiever’s condominium. She used the elderly widow to come into possession of all the belonging the achiever had put in storage. She ended up keeping them for years until she returned them and used her ‘gifts’ to have them given or thrown away. Upon the achiever’s return to Haiti she had Haitian class issues and jealous opportunists waiting to monopolize and oppress her life. She is herself one of the many stalking spirits, what the Haitians call expeditions, stalking the achiever’s life daily from where she is in America.

That woman has what could be called the ‘tentacular’ behavior of those zealous in the service of evil. They reach for many lives near and far. She found ways to get into the lives of far-away family members, as far as DC, Miami, Canada or Switzerland, and also into the lives of long-time family friends. Vipers who arrived to reveal themselves to this family and to the Haitians as rulers of the world made use of her for that. She believed herself to be one of the baal children who knew how to make things happen for her life with the games of that world. She could marry up the Haitian social ladder. She could achieve home ownership.

Everything about her life since she was sent into a man’s bed turned out to be for the goals of vipers in the baal world. Her pregnancy was for them to send her into a family they targeted. She gave birth to four children. Three of them, girls, were given names that were to be maledictions from that world: Charity (charity), Muriel Ketly (walling in, soul reading, and indigence), Lily (soul reading and stalking). One of them was killed in the womb two weeks before his due date and was still born. He was given the name of the achiever’s father and was made her godchild. The idea was to take the life that man’s only male heir while also symbolically destroying the achiever’s chance at motherhood. This is someone who went along with conceiving and carrying a human sacrifice for the baal world.

Here is someone who had a warped sense of how to achieve personal happiness by way of marriage. She went into that with the wrong methods and wrong motives. As a servant of the baal world, she followed their directives to ensnare a man with spells and force him into a shotgun marriage. Her dark soul was receptive to the calculated motive of social climbing for getting such a man.

For acting on the orders of the baal world she ended up with four children, one dead, probably more than she otherwise would have brought into the world. Vipers look at marriage as a way of getting a front row seat for watching God’s work in bringing new life into the world. Sometimes they interfere and cause defects to give couples ‘special’ children. They also look to get a head start to attach the new souls to make of them creatures of that world instead of humans in this world for God to achieve His plans with them.

Achieving happiness for that woman was also about suburban home ownership. She waited over a decade to have her wish granted by the baal world. Her hunting started in 2001 and she was finally shackled with probably an over $300,000 mortgage in 2012. When she married she made her home at a two-bedroom high occupancy apartment building. From there she went to the housing project before returning to the attic of her parents’ home in Medford, Massachusetts near the Tufts University campus. She went back where it all started to live with her three kids. Obviously the baal vipers were in no hurry to give her suburban bliss.

What that woman brought also affected the personality and behavior of the man she entrapped. Marriage brought intimacy that was useful for the vipers to get into that man to make him verbally abusive, violent, and alcoholic. They also gave him the usual identity crisis that made him look to toys to compensate: motorcycle, rifle, cigars. She seemed to be the sort of person who thinks that there are prizes for having the baal people in her spouse. As she was living in the Medford attic she put him in a $1,400 a month rental to better stuff him with these baal spirits. The attic was not to their standards. She could have saved the money for a down payment. Another proof that she does with her marriage what these baal vipers tell her.

Vipers instructed that woman to enlist her children in game playing for the world. She was to tell them that they were helping mom and dad buy a home for everyone. They dictated to her to give complexes to the children about their hair by giving them a habit of wearing extensions. They were looking to make black children different from the confident achiever. She went along with that program. She even put issues between the first two girls. The eldest brainwashed into thinking that the second was the smart child of the family, in an attempt to give her psychological problems. Proof that she might have conceived the children at the instruction of that world was how little she seemed to protect them from the baal vipers. She seemed to like other baal people, i.e. hand them over for the use of that world and pretend to give them a better future for it. The eldest child, who was born before the baal world got to dominate the family, did not take well to that spiritual environment. On several occasions she ended up hospitalized for emotional issues. None of this caused that woman to rethink what she does to her children for the baal world.

At one point she jeopardized her aspirations at marital bliss by handing divorce papers to the man. She thought herself a Hollywood who was responding to the baal world’s request to switch spouses. In the end she saw in this a game to play the guy. She could make him cling to her for threatening divorce. Had he not been under a spell, he could have left and taken this chance at freedom from the enemy in his bed and the baal devils she brought with her. At the time he was in the luxury rental getting vipers while she was in the Medford attic with the children.

This was not to be. In fact, that woman set him up in a DUI to scare him into thinking that he needed her. She pretended to be a savior rescuing him from the consequences of the DUI with her connections in the baal world.  The vipers who were using her took the life of that policeman for her to prove something. This shows how expandable people are to the vipers. From there the brother was scared into submission to that world. After having done that, she taught him values, what he must do in the baal world to care for his three children. Ever since has become the quintessential family man. A guy with a demon in his bed for a spouse, with children handed over to the baal world, under pressure by in-laws and the vipers of the baal world to get with a program on the dark side is brainwashed into thinking that he has achieved a blissful family life and as of 2012 is living the dream in suburban America.

One guy thought he’d do the courageous thing and marry after having fathered a child. Instead of thinking that casual sex should not cause him to tie his life forever, and instead of waiting for the right person, a spell made him think that he had to be a man. Because of this, he unknowingly brought unimaginable evil and destruction to his family and his people. The woman he married trapped him and was on a mission to harm those he loves. She was used to disturb and torment his father’s soul beyond the grave. She brought years of useless tears and sorrow to his mother. She helped the baal world destroy the life of his sister. She corrupted the lives of several people among his family and friends. She introduced Haiti and the Haitian culture to the baal world to change them forever. She and the malfeasants she brought have been anticipating killing the widow from years of oppression. She showed indecent eagerness to meet again the achiever who distanced herself over the widow’s coffin to gloat. Her people, the brother’s in-laws, have been anticipating the occasion for years. Clearly she was no prize to this family. Her understanding that she was showing ability to achieve her goals in the baal world was an illusion. She was just another zealous demon that they were using for their objectives. What she got for her efforts is a caricature of suburban marital bliss along with a mortgage she can barely afford, enough to fuel more zeal in the service of that world.

What that woman did to her spouse and to her children while reaching for her goals proves that obedience to the baal world could be counterproductive in achieving one’s dreams. Hers seems an extreme story, but what leads people to marriage in today’s baal world often has some similar elements. We live in a world where minds and souls are dominated by the baal vipers. When we get that loving feeling, is it ours? Does it lead us to someone truly meant for us or to one the baal world chose for us? Is our union about joining lives in partnership for the journey or is it about serving the purposes of the baal world, with the primary goal being procreating with them and for them. Those who took the world from God want to populate it with their people. They cannot create life, but they can attach it early enough for souls to know and respond to them instead of God.

Men and women have a right to happiness even in a world as dark as this one. People will rightly continue to search for that kindred soul. But realize that the rulers of the world have no interest in our happiness. They are deceivers who promise much that their schemes and their games cannot deliver. Since they brought everyone to travel in other realms for their service, those who contemplate marriage should take advantage of their ‘spiritual ability’ to know well the one they are considering. No one should ever make the mistake of looking at marriage as service to that world. No one should ever rationalize marrying a baal demon, i.e. someone gifted at evil for that world. It only takes one order from the baal world to end such marriages. The odds are stacked against such marriages. Any love for the other will not survive the pressures of the dark forces lurking around the household. Using tactics of the baal world to keep a spouse in a marriage is not genuine happiness.

Marriages made by God have a greater chance at bringing happiness than those made in hell. People should also realize that their soul comes from and belongs to God. Should they choose to put themselves in the service of the baal world, they cannot take it upon them to hand the children God gives them to that world. There was a time when people saw the importance of involving God when they took the step to marry. The significance of bringing the Spirit of God to bless and act in the marriage seems to have been discarded over time. Whatever people’s beliefs, God does unite souls. Proof of it is when widowhood causes a ripping apart. People underestimate the importance of heavenly assistance in the success of a marriage. They don’t even think it necessary to invoke grace on their children with the names they give them. This can sometimes say a lot about the parents’ desire to give their young a meaningful identity and put them in God’s care.

In the old days, people married for life and they seemed able to keep genuine affection for each other. This seems to be the exception today. But with enough care and effort people could beat the odds. Realizing that there are dark forces working against the union better prepares couples to fight the invisible enemies and not each other. So if you do think you found that kindred spirit, go for it! Just hope that yours is a marriage made in Heaven and not the other place.

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Photo: Sandy’s Wedding via Photopin Creative Commons.