What is it about today’s world that makes people unwilling to speak out about where we are headed? No one even dares to acknowledge the dark forces that oppress us even within our own homes. Realize that keeping silent to lead a peaceful quiet life makes it harder for us as a society to secure that for everyone. Peace is a place where we can escape for a brief moment in our minds. But our lives are overtaken by chaos and evil. We are conditioned to feel proud of our ability to cope. In this we are being deceived by a perverse psychology intended to make us participate in a program that leads to our destruction. As this world tests the limits of what we allow to be violated, we must draw a line somewhere. Our right to be alone in our own minds and in our own bodies is being ignored. Our ability to think freely is being hindered by the domination of self-appointed rulers of the world. Our personal lives, relationships, lifestyles are no longer our own. They are for the use of those who appropriated what belongs to God: us and the world He made for our success on the journey back to Him.

‘God No Longer Welcome’ brings to light the different ways in which God was ousted from His own world. What is described in these stories reflects very well what most tolerate and occasionally fight to have a life in a world taken over. Several characteristics of this world and the modus operandi of those who presume to rule it are brought into focus with the life of the main character. The focus is predominantly societal and not so much religious. However, the rulers of the world want to be everywhere God was. For this reason, they engage in a campaign of ‘inversion’. In other words, they repurpose for evil our religious observances and practices. They also warp and redefine religious values. All of this as a provocation to God and to prove that the world they want is opposite to that God wants. They look to empty the Church of Jesus and of His teachings to bring as replacement a ‘social religion’. Their aim is to render powerless the saving power of Christ as the world is brought into bondage to dark forces for there to be no way out. These religious aspects are briefly covered in the stories.

What is revealed covers various evils that no one dares to acknowledge, let alone discuss. Two main characters are shown as representatives of the presumptuous rulers of the world. Over the course of almost two decades they hounded and sacrificed a foreigner living in America. Some of their actions, their mindset, and character traits are described in the hope of freeing minds to speak out against similar oppressors in their lives. People for too long have been yoked with beings of darkness in an agenda of ‘contrajunction’, i.e. of combining opposites. Reasonably good human beings are deceived to think that they are showing goodwill or that they are doing right by those from whom they should distance themselves. Contrived alliances with beings of darkness can only to a degradation of who we are as individuals and as a society. What has happened to America and elsewhere as illustrated in the stories proves it. One of the most insidious methods of these forces to overtake and subvert the world is to teach minds a mentality of ‘contraversion’, i.e. of calling good evil and evil good, or of calling light darkness and darkness light. This is a more effective and destructive tool than coercion or oppression. That combined with enticement of an illusory power-sharing with the rulers makes a powerbase for the oppressors out of people with changed allegiances: from God or nation to self.

America has evolved from a God-fearing nation that prized goodness and the rule of law and where personal rights were safeguarded, to a practically lawless one where protection and solidarity only exist for those who submit to the forces of the world. We could look at the stories in ‘God No Longer Welcome’ that describe how they arrive and change a nation to understand how we got there. Several commentaries relate directly to the oppressive schemes that exist in American society as a result of allegiance to the forces of darkness. This secret must now be revealed: there is a new god in town. Everything about America was reprogrammed and put at the service of the impostors. Since they are impostors and not God, they must resort to less than divine inventions to chain down and master the world. With various patterns and new ‘ways’ they have been putting their mark on the world.

Complacency other mental attitudes made the majority unaware of the agenda to bring the entire world into bondage to darkness. On the surface we seem to be on a program of emancipation, but the opposite is occurring. We might be emancipating from a good Lord in exchange for willing enslavement to tyrants. These have only begun to show that they are not at all about what we seek and prize as human beings: freedom, goodness, truth, intelligence, beauty, fulfillment, happiness. Now is the time to react and adjust course. We cannot simply continue to watch the degradation of values, minds, cultures. No enough have reacted to the backward direction in which we have been engaged as a world for decades already. Our silence is too easily bought with cheap material success even at the expense of our intelligence, self-respect, personal happiness and peace of mind. Realize that the rulers of the world buy us with our own money. It does not cost them anything. Besides in what they do in our lives they have gone beyond what any right-thinking human being ever would have ever bargained for. We should recognize this, get over our human fears and weaknesses to regain dignity as well as decency for our lives.

Read in ‘God No Longer Welcome’ good reasons to have a fresh perspective on your life and on your role in fixing the world.

Table of Contents



Part 1. When Evil Comes To Town

Chapter 1. Observing Holy Days
Chapter 2. The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Chapter 3. Fiendish Minds
Chapter 4. The Ways of Evil
Chapter 5. Our Daily Bread
Chapter 6. Life Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness
Chapter 7. To The Ends Of The Earth

Part 2. Appropriating What Belongs To God

Chapter 8. It’s Mine!
Chapter 9. Working 9 To 5
Chapter 10. The Land of Equal Opportunity
Chapter 11. Making An Honest Dollar
Chapter 12. The Debt Trap
Chapter 13. Nation Building

Part 3. Putting Their Mark On The World

Chapter 14. A Land of Plenty
Chapter 15. Pattern Detection
Chapter 16. Family Values
Chapter 17. Reach Out And Touch Someone
Chapter 18. A Man’s Home Is His Castle

Part 4. Bringing The World Into Bondage

Chapter 19. Thou Shall Not
Chapter 20. Handling Recyclables
Chapter 21. Keeping Good Accounts
Chapter 22. Liar’s Offsprings
Chapter 23. Rulers And Puppet Masters
Chapter 24. Signage And Floor Plan
Chapter 25. The Missing Link

Part 5. Retrograding The World

Chapter 26. One’s Good Name
Chapter 27. A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste
Chapter 28. Made In America
Chapter 29. Lies In The Science
Chapter 30. The Rule Of Lawlessness
Chapter 31. Making Sacrifices
Chapter 32. Elemental Forces Unbound

Part 6. When God Is Ousted

Chapter 33. One Nation Under God
Chapter 34. Civilized People
Chapter 35. Out Of Eden



Photo: Shown are chemtrails, patterns drawn in the sky by military aircraft. A message about Heaven no longer welcome in the world?